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Toyota turbo with car plate XFD-625 pedestrian lane killer


(BY: PERRY S. LAHAMAN) Last July 26, 2014 before the sun sets poor Nanay Maria passed away. What caused her death? A reckless and careless driver bumped her while on her way home walking in the middle of the pedestrian lane. Many bystanders saw the incident and she was brought immediately to the Zamboanga Doctors Hospital for treatment but she expired declared dead on arrival.

What a tragic unfortunate incident caused by a reckless driver WILFREDO ATILANO am employee of Aleson Shipping Lines, the largest ship company in the city of Zamboanga. At the time of the incident, the driver was in the custody of an investigating police officer who responded and handled the investigation. The $ 64 question, why was the driver not detained instead allowed to leave the crime scene minutes later. It would have been appreciated if the driver was detained at the Divisoria Police Station 5 not only the vehicle TOYOTA TURBO Plate number XFD-625. Several bystanders saw the vehicle running not on slow motion in fact a skid mark of the tire was visibly clear as shown by the photo with the police investigator to the bereaved family members.

The case took many days for the police to finalize its report findings and supposedly for submission to the prosecutor’s office for appropriate legal action necessary for the filing of criminal compliant in the proper court of justice. Was there an information filed with respect to this particular case?

In the city of Zamboanga, it is not uncommon to know and learn the dictum “justice delayed is justice denied”. At one point in time, while walking along the thoroughfares to see policemen on beat without handguns especially newly-hired police officers. How could we expect them to provide protection to the citizenry from lawless and hostile elements downtown.

In the vicinity of Aderes Flea market in Guiwan this writer used to see police officers on beat and what puzzled many pedestrians why vehicles allowed to park on pedestrian or sidewalk lane depriving so many citizens the use of the lanes. The writer had to walk near the edge of the road pavement as the sidewalk occupied by parked vehicles. Even right inside the city proper or downtown vehicles owned by rich businessmen used pedestrian lanes as parking space area. Is there an ordinance tolerating or allowing the use of sidewalks as parking area? What a privilege accorded such businessmen depriving pedestrians especially senior citizens the comfort and safe use of sidewalk.

Our city officials should look into this mess on the abusive use of sidewalks and pedestrian lanes. Sidewalks are not for stationary vehicles or persons selling their wares or goods making use of sidewalks for parking space. There’s no law and order being properly observed as for as parking of vehicles on sidewalks.

The road at La Purisima a one-way traffic route scores of vehicles parked on both sides especially at the junction of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Is it not proper that staytime limit on Parking must be observed? The Catholic Church is very influential, it commands high respect from the city officialdom. It’s no wonder Purisima St. becomes parking haven for churchgoers and students of rich families. There ought to be an initiative to look for alternate parking area and the city government construct building for parking vehicles in the same manner what the city of Makati under the BINAYS is doing.

Till the next issue, folks. This writer plans to write the changing economic world of the SAMA-DILAUT or the so-called BAJAW to borrow the word of some journalists. ABANGAN

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