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THE barking in the council



“You hypocrites, this people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far away from me, in vain they worship me.” (Mark 7:6)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is the common practice of the so many from the different religions and denominations. They pretend to worship God with their heart in public yet in the sight of God, they’re all nothing but in vain in the sight of God. It’s  because they’re dead in the Spirit, as they fail to worship Him in truth and in spirit. God is a Spirit, and we need to worship him in that manner. Email:

MY good friend Prof. Elbert “Bong” Atilano, is now a kagawad. He was just appointed as such in the barangay of Ayala.

IN my interview with him the other day, the former Zamcelco top honcho revealed he’s bringing to his village of Ayala the “Batang Pinoy” sports concept.

“Sabe ya man tu Jun, na sports gayot puede kita man develop cunestos diaton mga juvenes. And, this is one major factor that we can very well help them distance away from (illegal) drugs,” the ever good-natured Prof. Atilano disclosed.

I have my high respect for this guy. The best councilor that we could have had in our sangunian panlungsod today. Sayang!


“WHAT’s going on in our council today, Pencing? Dol trambulicao man sila lli?” one concerned folk in the audience during last Tuesday morning’ s regular session commented to my face.

“EL presiding officer lli debe man assert suyu leadership. Dol nupuede le ase nada cunesos. Bien mahina’ paca presiding officer le lli,” another  expressed his utter disappointment.

Ese pa!


IT was all noise that we got from them—hotly and ferociously arguing, during their heated discussions, over the supposed demand letter/s sent them by one gasoline station situated  in Brgy. Canelar.

THEY, accordingly, owe individually to the gas station that, if sum we them up in total, the amount they’re all supposedly indebted amount to something like P1.6 million or even more.

NOW, they’re blaming one poor and hapless female employee presently assigned in the city library, just a stone’s throw away from their sangunian panlunsod edifice on RT Lim Blvd, Baliwasan.

“Puede ba se? Tiene lli connivance!,” blurted Dist. 1 Councilor Rudy Bayot.

Acaba ya kita este!

AND, worst, the councilors, at the height of their intense discussions, were all pointing their ‘dirty’ fingers on the presiding officer—meaning they put all the blames on him for supposed command responsibility.

 Pobre man!


 “How is it now that even I myself isn’t spared. I am even demanded to pay (150,000?) by the gas station,” Iturralde snapped back.

“As the father of ours in this council, you should take the initiative on this issue,” countered the incensed Dist. 1 Councilor Gerky Valesco.

“You’re our leader in the council, you should have already settled this problem long time ago,” buttressed (Dist. 1) Councilor Mel Sadain who was enraged, as well.

“Dol taman talabangan yaman sila cun Itu’. Kemanera man se? Cosa ba se c Itu’ dol incompetent man le como presiding lli? Bueno pa cunele c Mannix,” groaned one disgruntled folk viewing the session on TV upstairs of SP.

THE noise somewhat mellowed down when the August Body finally decided to refer its own ‘anguish’ to the (City Legal Office?) or, was it referred to the committee on Good Gov’t under Councilor Sadain? That’s according to Mon Quin.

 “Nusay kita, c bosing left the session cay ya aborese ya dao le,” c Bogs ya observa cun Pencing.

“Dol tiange yaman sila lli. Disgustao maga hente ya keda,” c Ador ya observa tamen.

“Bueno pa se mi idol lli, ta embona gayot canila,” c Nado ya pega ya tamen suyu paca idol, idol lli.

“Kien man debos ya tamen idol ste maga tiempo, Nado?” c Bogs ta pregunta ya tamen cuneste hente de monte.

“Aba, siempre, mi primo, c Consehal Bayot!”

Ese pa!@

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