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Faustian Defense


(BY: CLEM M. BASCAR) I beg of you to spare me
from all these malicious imputations; you
must always bear in mind, i did use fire not to
intensify the heat in hell but to blaze the path to heaven;
and if you still have your full sense of propriety, you would not even
think of accusing me of any wrong doing; believe me, my heart was full
of good intentions

as i have always proclaimed
to all an sundry; am no brutus, barabas, nor judas;
i stole no one’s silver coins and my hands are immaculately clean; much
sanitized than pilate’s

 here, look at this list to prove my innocence; you won’t
find my name on top, in the middle, or anywhere else; oh, you are so unfair!

but sir, am not questioning the fuel you used
for your engine; that has never been the issue here; in the first place,
good faith nowadays overrides and legitimzes everything; unfornately it does not
extinguish nor deactivate your  conscience

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