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(“Gas Scam” yarn): ‘Missing link’ to spill the bean!



“No man can serve two masters, for either he’ll hate the one, and love the other. Or else he will hold to one and despise the other. Yet, you cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matthew 7: 24)

(Words of Enlightenment)

 THIS is being clearly said in the Scriptures that mankind cannot serve God, and then serve other gods. WE even need to surrender our being a god within ourselves and from now on, follow God’s Will only if only we have to work for our own eternal salvation. That way, we recognize Him as our God again. It’ll only come through repentance. Email:


EVERYBODY seems in limbo— finding the ‘missing link’ as far as this new shenanigan in the council is concerned.

 AS the “Drug Issue” now wracks its very integrity, here comes another one that looks like toppling it the more— the gas scam!

AND, to me, the missing link is not really this Soccoro Durendes- the battered Sanguiang Panlungsod lady employee, but someone obviously felt distraught when his name was unduly besmirched.

“Cuntigo lang Pencing, combersa yo(I wish to talk you only, Pencing),” came his pretty hesitant reply. Who’s he? Abanggan!


LAST Sept. 24( a beautiful Wednesday), someone still exuding with an unmatched wisdom these days, was showered with all the blessings seemingly coming from heaven  on that day—  wishing he could live a hundred years more.

I’M referring to one of the only few remaining well respected and most esteemed community leaders in ZC. And, he’s no other than the ageless former City Councilor Abdurahman “Ka’ Aman” Nuño— the longest reigning  Liga ng mga Barangay President in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

THRONGS of people from various walks of life( be they Muslims or Christians) were there to warmly greet him.

(DIST. 2) Cong. Lilia M. Nuño, his endeared better half— working painstakingly and untiringly that hard in Congress( along with our local officialdom so that we may one day see a better tomorrow to dawn upon all of us, someday), had to cut short her hectic schedules in the Lower House, just to be with him and their whole family in greeting all Ka Aman’s hordes of well-wishers.

AND so, its reception was held in the barangay of Taluksangay— stunningly a very quiet, peaceful, clean and orderly Muslim village, roughly 15

kilometers east of the city proper.

AND, guess who were there as amongst the host of the well-wishers to greet him, huh?

 SCORES of our top local officials who greeted him and heard folks even sing one Happy Birthday hymn to him.

LOOKING still very much in great shape, Ka Aman appeared in high spirit welcoming them all.

NOW, the visiting top city officials( shall I mention their names?) were sort of each asking a piece of advice( politically?) from their ex- formidable comrade in the August Body.

AND, what was Ka Aman’s wily  advice to them, huh?


“Jun, maga defectors ya ba sos?” na c Bogs ya pega ya tamen su paca intrigero gayot.

“Hinde’ sos man defect , man bolt lang sos na di-ila partido,” otro tamen c Ador ya umenta pa gayot.

“Cosa caha’ el abla mi idol aserca cunestos? Bien seloso pa man kel,” taman lingasa man c Nado cun su idol.

“Qien man debos idol ya tamen Nado?, “ c Bogs ta inchila ya tamen cuneste hente de alla, alla.

“Ay abla pa caha kita? Dol todo yaman caha’ sabe,” aba bueno gayot contesta c Nado, waiz’ ya gayot ste hente de alla, alla.


NOW, amid the ruckus during Ka Aman’s big birthday celebration that even extended its bash to their posh residence in Guiwan, Pencing, intuitively, begged our good-natured Congresswoman for an interview.

MOTHERLY as she is, Cong Lilia’s usual comportment: “Cosa ya man tamen Jun, man interview ya tamen tu cumigo?”    

“You know, Sen. Bongbong Marcos will( most likely) be here in our city (on Oct.4) to conduct the first public hearing of this ( proposed)Bangsa Moro Basic Law(BBL). And, we have to be always vigilant all about it— especially those contentious issues, that we need to discuss very well. Although, ZC is not included, but you know, our city is very much affected when all these troubles arise from their area.”

SHE invited all the stakeholders in here to attend the upcoming public hearing in here—meaning all the sectors in the community: the business, academe, the church, the military, the media and all the rest.

“El military gayot, because of the normalization issue,” she further stressed.

 THE pubic hearing in here, will most likely, be held in our city coliseum, “because it can accommodate many of us, the stakeholders,” according to her.

“Na, cosa pa man ta pensa kita? El diaton mga officiales gayot gayot ki, debe sila atende se public hearing y hinde man grandstanding lang sil lli,” na c Bogs yaman putak ya tamen.

“Ansina man sos, ploho atende, y despeus talla y ataman sila, starring ya tamen sila, cayprecura ya tamen man rid on na issue,” c Ador yaman putak tamen.

“Kien man taman grandstanding lli, ha?” c Nado dol ya sinti.

“Na, kien pa man,  debos idol Nado!”

Acaba ya kita ste, taman intriga ya tamen el tres!

Ay keseyo!@

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