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Happy Teachers’ Day and God bless!


(BY: BRO. PAENG SANTOS) Today, Viable Option will sidestep from its ministry to give tribute to all the teachers, especially to the Elementary Teachers. And mind you, DECS Putik Central School Teachers, in their respective age, are all healthy-looking, looking good and good-looking too! But that’s besides the main issue to honor them today as heroes of this country.

Public opinion surveys continually show that “education” is among the issues of most concern to Filipinos. We all want well-educated children and to develop them to their full potential; and the teachers are the unending heroes to this cause from the past, the present, and always for the best future of this country. And the DECS teachers masterfully uses whatever learning environment is available at any given time.

The dedication and caring of the teachers inherent to their profession enable them to give the needed knowledge, strength and discipline that provides their pupils and students confidence to pursue, succeed and achieve their goals. With the dedication and caring of the teachers, our children have a hope-filled future.

At the start of every school year, especially at the Elementary Level, the problem in every classroom is so hard to cope up, but we see the teachers having the joy of giving their best always accept the challenge they face. It’s like seeing our children and grandchildren surviving deep waters but the teachers are there as bridges over troubled waters. We should praise and thank God for them. To me, among all professionals, Teachers are the grandest people of all.

At this point I would like to focus on our children and grandchildren at the elementary level. Likewise, the parents and guardians themselves. Please take note, like all of us, none (repeat) none, were able to choose who will be their parents. And we are all obligated to shepherd our respective domestic flock. Biblically the shepherd’s role is to feed the flock, lead, guides and protect them.

If we, as parents, were chosen to be as Shepherds to our children, at school, the teachers were prepared to be earthly Angels to partner with us parents to take care of little children who are considered to be citizens of heaven. The Lord Jesus himself said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” (Matthew 19:14)

As we celebrate and honor the heroism of teachers and parents alike, no living heroes with whatever program or show we prepare for them will be highly elated unless our hearts goes along with it. It is Viable Option’s prayer that all the teachers on Recognition Day will truly see and feel our heart-felt deep appreciation, gratitude and our concern and caring for them too. Yes, caring means more than loving itself. Happy Teacher’s Day and God bless! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY

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