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(Gas scam): NILO finally tells all!



“IF a man say, I love God and hateth his brother, heis a liar; for he that loveth not his brother whome he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” (  John 4: 20)

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THIS is aimed at those who profess in believing their God that they can’t see, yet they don’t follow the Lord’s commandment to love their own brethren they can very well see with their onw nake yes.

SO, the contention here, is that they’re all hypocrites, because they aren’t true in their love of their God they can’t see at all. And, therefore, those even the fanatics, like the ISIS, claiming they love God, yet they can’t even love their own fellowmen, they’re hypocrites in the sight of God. Email:


ABLA yalang era c vice el verdad(The vice mayor should tell the truth),” thus came out Nilo Spiritusanto, VM Cesar Iturralde’s one-time chief of staff.

IN an exclusive interview last Friday(Sept. 26), Nilo( as he’s fondly addressed) finally spilled the bean and put most of the blame on the vice mayor for practically ‘screwing’ everything, as far as this fuel scam is concerned.

“Ta cumpundi lang yo, porke sila ta abla ansina, siendo era c Vice(Iturralde), sabe yaman le c cosa yo disuyu, yo suyu chief of staff y chief secretary, y  nupuede yo ase cosa c hinde le sabe( I’m just disgusted why  this is so, when the vice mayor(Iturralde) knows very well that I was his chief of staff.. his chief secretary. So, I couldn’t act without his knowledge),” Spiritusanto rued.

“Cosa c boss tamanda, ta ace yo(What boss instructed, I acted),” he added.

Spiritusanto went on to elaborate further, as he lamented why VM Iturralde gave again the authority to   Bibing Durendez to take charge anew in the gas allocation of all the city councilors when there was yet an ongoing probe stemmed from the initial discovery of the same gas scam during his predecessor( ex VM Mannix Dalipe)’s reign sometime in 2010.

HERE are the full excerpts of the interview( written verbatim):

PENCING: “Buenas tardes ( good afternoon), you have anything to say about this gas anomaly, being VM Cesar Iturralde’s former Chief of Staff?”

NILO: “Cuando yo ya keda Chief of Staff d VM Iturralde, ese responsibilidad de man issue gas slip, na mga consehal y entero del sp, ya kita se cun Bibing Durendez. Ya saca se el vice mayor’s office del 2010. So, c Vice ya dale se cumigo as head del oficina. Chief of Staff yo disuyu. Ya dale se cumigo man handle. Ya ase yo cunese embuenamente, cay ta acorda yo kel, cuando consehal palang c Iturralde, cay staff tamen yo disuyu, ta ricibi kame 5 gas slips. Worth siguru maga P 1,200 per gas slip ta ricibi kame. Cuando ya keda ya Vice Mayor le, ya puede yo gole cay el real gale gayot amount was P 1,380. Pero’ 7 gas slips siguru kel hinde 5. So, ya espanta gane el mga nuevo consehal elehido akel tiempo, cay antes ta saca sila, ta ricibi sila 5 lang gas slip, ara ya subi. Pati’ el amount ya subi tamen. Ya keda se 7, pati’ el amount ya subi. Every month se per councilor. So, embuenamente ya se ta corre, siempre ya tiene rumor cay tiene gane anomalia na gasoline. Ta continua se investiga, asta ya llega el tiempo el dueño del gas station

c Patrick Lee ya combersa ya gane cun Vice Mayor ta abla cay tiene debe el Sanguniang mas de un million, nuay pa gayot kame c cuanto, basta ya abla lang P1 million mas. Asta ya manda c Vice cumigo anda na gasoline station man xerox todol accounts despues ya lleba na oficina. So, yo since yo ya ta mira na gasoline, ya anda yo na gasoline station. So, el gas station, cooperative man tamen sila, ya dale sila canamon todo el evidencia na xerox form. Asta ya sabe kame cuanto gayot el real amount. Nuay yo mga papeles aki aura cay ya dura yaman kel. Hinde gayot yo definite puede abla c cuanto, basta mas de P 1 million. So, each councilor at that time, akel tiempo, tiene se excess, hinde gayot yo definite cay nuay el papel mas ki, basta sabe yo todo el mga consehal tiene excess. Todo sila tiene excess, asta c Iturralde tiene excess.  So, el investigation ya continua, asta aura, cay ya dale se trabaho cun Zenaida Jayme para investiga. Ya dale se na City Legal Office para sabe c cosa mga penal lli. Na, so embuenamente ya ta corre’, smooth sailing ya, nuay mas ya issue. After 7 months, ta agara yo cunese, 2011, February, ya dale se, cay yan issue c Vice Memorandum, ya ase bira el responsibilidad de ese gasoline cun Bibing Durendez ole’. Ya kita ya cumigo el responsibilidad. El rason, nuay yo sabe, cay ya pregunta yo kel cunele, nuay le contesta cumigo. Dimiyo suggestion yalang era kel, cay man monitor kita cun Bibing. Man submit le weekly o monthly report, igual cosa yo ta ase. Pero ya contesta cumigo c Vice, nomas ya lang man require report cunele. So, after 5 months, ya sabe kame, tiene ya tamen anomalia ole’ na gas. Ya ase ya tamen anomalia lli ole’ tiempo d Bibing. Excess ya tamen. Ya kita ya tamen cunele, ya kita ole ese responsibilidad cunele, y ya dale se cun Zenaida Jayme.  Ese lang yo el sabe, cay by 2013 of December, nuay mas yo. By January 2014, yan resign yayo na office d Vice Mayor Iturralde.”

BEFORE we ended( our interview),  Spiritusanto showed his utter dismay, saying: “ Todo se de imbusterias, cay nuay le knowledge aserca cunese. Bien grande imbusterias ese!”

Ese pa!@

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