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A kind of educational leader that we need today


Among the rare qualities of school administrator, the ability to lead productivity is prized.In fact,our quest today is for leaders who can effectively coordinate efforts to meet the challenges of a fast changing world.Generally the individuals who constitute any group,work well who placed under a leader who knows how to manage subordinates with reasonable restraint and intelligentencouragement(Fajardo,1986).

School Managers not only manage, they also lead.As key figures in the organization,they are tasked to initiate,direct,and evaluate programs of action necessary for group development. These educational leaders help the group attain its objectives with the maximum utilization of its difficult task is how to make the organization and its member become productive.

Good leaders are made and polished with the passing of time,seek that the more exposure and experience they have the more they mature and mellow in their position as leaders. A slight confusion on the use of manager, administrator, management and administration often occurs. These words are often interchanged,but one thing is common to them, they refer to educational administrators. There is indeed not much difference in the use of the words and so it may be safe to come to an agreement as to their definition. Both may mean “a process of arriving at a decision as to what activities the organization will tackle and how to manage human and materials resources toundertake them”.

Sometimes, the words management and administration carry the implication of “directing” or “policy – making” functions.Management generally connotes a higher level of work in the private sector. On the other hand,administration describes a higher level of work in central and local government, with management applied to the direction of institution.

*In our present day, the role of educational managers in the development of change can not be over emphasized. They have a very crucial role to play in the achievement of educational targets,hence the need to be equipped to function properly and see to it that the curriculum is relevant in terms of delivery and purposes.That must be provided with relevant preparation and development, appropriate training and qualifications.

Schools need to base their management strategies on the policy – based approached which is giving appropriateattention to the components of management which are training, education and support.

An effective modern manager, principal or administrator of any institution must be able to:

 Assess a changing external environment, interpret these changes and deduce their consequences for the organization, cooperate with others in the achievement of new directions, motivate others to work for the achievement of given goals set.Appraise the progress of the organization in meeting the objective set.

Our educational leader nowadays face several problems like establishing credibility, relationship,introducing change,and shifts in values To take on their new roles educational leaders can be developed and prepared. These is a need to develop competent individual managers and to generate learning in organization.For the new school administrators or educational leaders, it may be helpful to consider the following: What confronts them, What strategies to use,What skills and knowledge they need, What help can be extended by agencies with corresponding responsibilities for the supervision and professional development of new and aspiring demonstrators.

It is urgent that the administrators must be trained and so they must be professionals which means they must be equipped with appropriate training for the position.

The preparation and training of educational managers is necessary for they are instrumental in helping young people fulfil their dreams, hence they must see beyond the prospect of the present. Seeing others or observing them tackle issues help them to solve their own problems and predicaments own way. (By: Lourdes J. Pangilinan - Mercedes National High School)

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