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ZAMCELCO should explain everything



“For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the publicans the same? AND, if ye salute ur brethren only, what do ye more than others? Do not even the publicans the so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5: 46-48)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is to stress upon us that it’s common amongst us in the religions and/or denominations doing all those greetings to their brethren and friends only, but never to those strangers and/or enemies of theirs. Jesus said we need to be like his Father in heaven who’s perfect—loving everyone sans discrimination at all. For, it’s a fact, from the very beginning of His creation that He made us unto His image, hence He loves us all. Each and every human being is very special in the sight of God—the reason why He commands us to,“ love one another so that the world may know that you’re my disciples,” as taught in the Bible. Email:


THERE’s this insistent source, wanting the member-consumers of ZAMCELCO here to better know that its plan to acquire those much ballyhooed 16 modular gen-sets can’t be implemented at all.

 THE source wants us to believe that it won’t push through anymore, for in the first place, the one bidder that has supposedly won the contract to supply us the modular gen-sets, is not qualified at all, for it doesn’t have any personality and/or the capacity to handle it.

“Don’t expect it anymore to push through, for it doesn’t have the capacity to do so. JCB is only a trading business entity. AND, besides, even Sen. Osmeña knows it very well that the firm is said embroiled in irregularities,” the source averred.

THE source even said that JCB actually stands for Jojo Cabawatan Binay, the name of our Vice President Jojo Binay.

“AND, you know where VP Binay stands right now, he’s also implicated in a supposed big-time anomalous deal in his own city of Makati,” the source quipped.

Ese pa!

WHAT can you say on this, Zamcelco, huh?

“You can’t expect a good answer from Zamcelco, because they’ll only be embarrassed,” the source dissuaded.

SEE? This is only one of many speculative talks that we heard from many of the anxious sectors in here— desirous to find out the real score on the supposed closed deal done by Zamcelco and the winning bidder (JCB).

“Cay hinde’ man sila transparent lli. People, being mostly Zamcelco’s member-consumers, would like to know from its very GM, this Engr. George Ledesma to come out and tell all member-consumers the real truth about their deal with JCB,” another source expressed his dismay.

ZAMCELCO, in its early going for the supposed acquisition of the much desired 16 modular gen-sets, under President Noynoy Aquino’s own concept to help address the looming Mindanao power crisis to worsen in the coming years, was keen to realize such plan within the period of about 8 months from the time it conducted the public bidding (was it late last year or early this year?)

BUT, Zamcelco has remained silent ever since, thus triggering all these loose talks that such a bidding turns out a ‘sham’ after all.

OK, the good news we got is that Zamcelco plans to hold its weekly press conference with the local media very soon. No less than its board director Vic Liozo, Jr. has confirmed this.

“Jun, this is my proposal to GM George Ledesma if we can hold a weekly press briefing with our local media to let all our member-consumers know the latest developments, as far as Zamcelco is concerned,” Vic related this to me the other day.

GOOD idea!  This is even long overdue y hinde’ man programa, programa lang lli de lasang. Debe gayot el di-ila GM y el board combersa directalmente cunel public through these press briefings that they intend to come up.

Bueno ya lang se, para sabe gayot cosa ba ta pasa aura lli na Zamcelco.

ONE thing they need to tell us, as well, is this persistent rumor that Zamcelco’s system’ loss continues to go up, and has never lowered to its required minimum of 13 %. It is always up there to 19% and even reaching up to 20%. Which is which? That we don’t know, unless their GM tells the truth all about these tittle-tattles—mostly, coming in their negatives.

AND, what about this that we can find in our all billings— charging all of us on this particular item described merely  as “Others”?

“This is illegal, according to ERC. This is not even allowed by ERC,” emphatically informed the source.

Acaba ya kita ste!

 “Poreso, gane’ Pencing debe gayot el Zamcelco aclara canaton unu por unu aserca cuneste mga asuntu,” the source added.

WELL, the ball in now in the hands of Zamcelco, and that’s to explain everything about all these ‘talks’ going on. That’s it.@

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