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Wow! the council sways!



“BUT I say to you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.” (Matthew 5: 44)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is the hardest to do, even among those priests evangelists, ministers, pastors and amongst bishops and so on and so forth. Why? Because of our human will that needs to be yielded and totally surrendered to be able to follow and obey God’s Will. This is why the Lord himself wants us all(human beings) to repent, because in repentance, we’re given the power in the spirit to be able to obey God’s Will. For without repentance, we can’t, by ourselves, do it. That’s why it’s so difficult to follow God’s perfect will, especially loving our own enemies. Email:


IN last Tuesday morning(Sept. 30)’s regular session of our city council, ‘fireworks’ jolted the council anew. There they go again! In most of their heated discussions, they looked  like in a stiff contest in haranguing and perorating each other.

“El mga pusak, hinde’na amo. Dol akel tiene man sila lli elocution contest.Dol akel mga Brutus man sila lli? Bien bueno gayot el mga bukilla, cay sabe sila na television ya tamen sila,”  c Bogs ya principia ya su mga salvo.

“El bueno lla mi idol,” derecho ya entra c Nado, el hente dealla, alla, bein consierne siempre nasu idol.

Lasang ya tamen ya entra na cabesa d Nado. Nuanay, sabe’kita mas na conseho.

ONE salient in their agenda is the seemingly unending gas scam issue.

“I already referred it( fuel scam) to the NBI,” informed its own presiding officer VM Cesar Iturralde to the August Body.

“LET’s not make it a big issue.Hinde’ ste grande issue.Puede kita resolbe cunese aki na conseho. We have the committee on Good Government chaired by Dist. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain. Porke pa man kita se llebana NBI?” snapped Dist. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano.

“So that, to dig deeper into this gas anomaly, I’m in favor for the NBI to take over,” Dist. 2  Councilor Percival Ramos concurred Iturralde’s move.

“I’m not for the NBI to investigate it. This only shows we are not competent to solve it, and this will bring a wrong signal to our own people. What, with all our present. El man criticize ya tamen canaton, El grita’ ya tamen canaton na radyo.Komo c Al y c Gil.Let us resolve, once and for all, it in a way, there’ll be no repeat of this kind of scam in the council,. And., let us summon Bibing Duremdez  for her to shed light on the issue,” strongly suggested Dist. 1 Councilor Jawo’ Jimenez.

KIEN pa?

“Cosa ba kita ki?.. Stupid!” Bayot blurted when at the podium.

That was more or less, the order of the day, during their session—more on berating and lecturing among themselves.

 Ay lavida!


NOW, on the BBL.

RECALL,  (Dist. 1) Cong. Celso Lobregat’s ‘fruitful’ forum was held on Monday afternoon(Sept. 29) in Centro Latino inside Paseo del Mar in Pettit Barracks, and almost all the council members were there to listen well to Lobregat’s own clinic on its supposed contentious issues.

“LET us not talk so much about this BBL(Bangsamoro Basic Law). When I was in my recent trips to other areas of Mindanao, like Bukidnoon, Cagayan de Oro, they don’t talk about this BBL. This is nothing to them. They talk more about how to improve their economy, their own progress and development. This BBL furor is not much of importance to them. Let us not focus much on this to avoid any serious implications and repercussions affecting our city. This is the reason why we are always lagging behind in terms support from the national gov’t, cay dol pirmi kita ta anda contra. Dehao kita ta keda because of our anti-stance,” Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago strongly noted. Kim said he didn’t attend Cong. Lobregat’s forum

“Maskin cosa kita ase, entrao kita lli,/Sila lla, cay hinde’ sila ta sinti,” countered the colorful Councilor Bayot.

ON the proposed firecrackers’ ban:

“Maski watusi hinde gayot puede?”Bayot questioned.

“For certain important occasions, like welcoming our New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year celebration and others, these can be exempted from that ban,” hinted Councilor Kim Elago.

“IF we do that, we’re defeating its very purpose,” defended Dist. 2 Councilor BG Guingona IV, its main proponent.

ITS  2nd reading wasn’t passed as of yet, when, instead, it was deferred for another discussion in their next plenary session.

THAT’s it, folks, The End of their flamboyant show. More on their ‘stunts’, just tune in to your favorite local TV station/s. Till next time around, guys.

“Yehey!Yagana’ mi idol!”

“Acaba ya kita combos Nado, yan pa habul pa gat bos! Bien kaguang gat bos!” regaño ya tamen ya ricibi cun Bogs.Pasensya ya lang ostedes cunestos tres.“Asta la vista!”“Vaya Con Dios”; “No te Vaya Zamboanga!

“NA, despues ansina lang?” Na, ya umenta pa gayot c Nado, Bien salawayun gat bos ta kedaaa!@

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