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Ex-vice mayor dismayed over “gas scam” account



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“OUR people are now fully aware of our anti-rabies campaign, they know where to go already, as they don’t resort going anywhere like going to Tandoc to seek cure of dog bites,” thus informed City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola the other day.

DR. Arriola said rabies are commonly transmitted by dogs, “but it can be possible it can be transmitted through cat-bites or any carnivorous animals.”

THEIR vet office’s safety advocacy tips are the following: 1st), wash the wound with soap and running water; 2nd.) Observe the dog within 10 to 14 days; 3rd) if it dies or it gets sick, report immediately to the veterinarian office or to any veterinary clinic for correct assessment, then submit its decapitated head for proper examination to confirm if contaminated with rabies or not. And, where to report? – once bitten, report to your official/s in the barangay where it has its own health center and for its immediate exam by a physician. Then, the dog should be surrendered to the city pound of the city veterinarian office in Brgy. San Roque to observe its behavior within 10 to 14 days.

“Na cigi se c ya tene mordedura de pero para hinde man tepok!” c Bogs bueno tamen man remind gayot.

DR. Arriola made his statement that clear when Pencing dropped by his office the other day in line with the celebration of the World rabies Day last Sept. 28.



“Na, Jun cosa man canaton ki ta pasa? I was in Manila the past days, and the news about this gas scam even is well known and well published in the national newspapers,” rued former VM Bong Ko.

YES, I could still recall in Ko’s heyday when the council was very much in safe hands, and indeed, its image and integrity well protected.

“Hinde se puede susede tiempo diamon lli, because we were really protecting the integrity the council’s untarnished image,” recalled Ko.

THE erstwhile top city official was then its presiding officer— being the duly-elected vice mayor of the late Lady Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat in the ‘90s.

KO has urged our present crop of elective city officials to perform &exercise beyond question their mandated duties & responsibilities with dignity, uprightness and statesmanship to fittingly deserve being addressed as “Honorables.”

“AS a Zamboangueño and as former elective city official, I feel very much embarrassed,” Ko expressed his deep remorse.

HE said at the rate it’s going, the image of the city’s legislative body is concededly in a very bad shape, and desperately needs its owntherapy to immediately rehab itself. 

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