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NOW, they talk of “cow scam”



“IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1: 1; 14)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is being truly referred to our lord Jesus Christ. When God saw that mankind couldn’t do anything about its iniquities, He decided finally to send a Redeemer, so that man could be saved from sin, ultimately.Jesus, when he was bornand assumed a Jewish body (in this physical world that’s Earth) through his carnal mother Mary, had to pay a price, and that’s to die on the cross if only to be man’s Savior in the last days. Jesus, therefore, had adopted two natures when he roamed in this world more than 2,000 years ago: human, because his mother, the Virgin Mary, came from the fallen Adamic race, and divine, because his Father is of the Holy Spirit. Email: .


NOW, this corner is being flooded with all sorts of scam stories.

THERE’s this funny one, called”cow scam.”

“Pencing, ya sabe tu aserca na cumprada de baca(Pencing have you learned of the purchase of cows)?” the source stimulated this corner just the other day.

“Para sabe gayot tu, anda tu cuneste persona,” he cued me in secret.

“Acaba ya gat kita ste!

Acabar se maga gas scam, vehicle use scam, talli tamen gale’ se cow scam, bosing” c Bogs ya inchila ya tamen.

“Hinde’ se sila ta man consciensya,?” c  Ador ya  segunda.

“El cosa se?Otro ya tamen se scam? No lang tupa se na mi idol,” yan lingasa man  c Nado cun su mga idols.

 “Debos maga idols,mga kapal muks ya se sila, Nado!”insultu ya tamen sale cun Bogs.

Acaba ya kita cunestos tres!



OVER this weekend, same “makulit”someone called me up by phone, and tried seeking for an answer, “Jun, cosa aura ta pasa na Zamcelco?”

I asked, “What, again?”

“Hinde’ gayot se purcigi maga modular gen-sets alli na Zamcelco,” he felt sure of himself.

“Quiere gayot tu sabe aserca de-ese? Dale yo cuntigo mira, come( to his supposed hide house) ,” he enticed me of his supposed another mouth-watering disclosure with regards to the much talked about 16 modular gen-sets that Zamcelco is trying to acquire through bidding.

Then, he told me where I could find him. Unluckily, I lost track of his supposed where abouts, cay bien te’rible el aton traffic! Next time around you, Mr. Mystery man.



SP building, the city’s most expensive single structure, and yet most unsolved defective  one ever—remains its same sorry state. In-fact, its many occupants are moaning the more, about its worsening condition, despite undergoing it supposed major repairs— costing us over a hundred million pesos (of taxpayers’ money).

“Taman leak gayot siempre fuerte,(It’s leaking hard just the same),” came their despondent replies.

DURING the heavy downpours these few days, many of its staff couldn’t do anything but just heaved their sighs out of desperation.

“Sir, taman tulu’ gayot este building, ta entra gayot na maga bentana de espeho. Ta mira tu kel tamen mga butud techo?” one female staff, pointing to those damaged roofings, rued.

ANOTHER more grunted, “Sir, el fuerta del office d Consehal Charlie Mariano, nupuede mas abri(Sir, the office door of Councilor Mariano cannot be opened).”

Ese pa!

AT-LEAST, two people were having really a hard time to even open by force (Dist. 1) Councilor Charlie Mariano’s office room on its 3rd floor that very morning amid the heavy rains lashing our city last week .

IT took them a lot of time to finally open it (by force).

POOR Councilor Charlie, he was constrained to hide himself temporarily, inside the adjacent office room of Councilor Jerry Perez, instead.

Minor lang se Jun,” the fiery city alderman from the west-coast, somewhat downplayed it.

Na, pero’ el mga miron lla,taman lingasaya.

“Cosa minor? ta tormenta ya gane’sila abri su fuerta,” groaned one of them.

“Ma gulu se building, bosing!Tan lingit yo cunese,cay sen diaton lli ya gasta,” c Bogs ya man pusak tamen.

“Dilicao pa gane’ se tumba, cay baka no bayaman collapse lang se, si ay tene temblor ki taki,”tan lingasa el tres,” c Ador sabe tamen el history de-ese SP building.

“C Consehal Kim Elago gane’ hinde’ki kanamon tan oficina, talla le na city library,”este otro staff ta abisa.

THESErants narrated in here, aren’t coming fromPencing, but from those directly felt affronted by the very sorry state of this SP edifice, albeit its massive repairs—costing us( repeat!) roughly P100 million plus megabucks. That’s one helluva whopping cash coming from our pocket— just going to the gutter.

NOW, tell me who wouldn’t growl at all, huh?@

Na, akaba ya gayot kita ste! Nuay mas ba gayot buen noticia ta susede kanaton ki, ha?

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