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Belated Eid Mubarak; amazing broadcasters (TV and radio); cleanliness under private sector management


(BY: ALI T. YACUB,  AL-HAJ) “Muslims must dismiss neither the west nor their tradition but instead study and understand both in order to value what can be admired and discard what is not relevant and to demonstrate and debate our position in simple and clear language accessible to all”

-Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, WHAT’S RIGHT WITH ISLAM (2004)

The heart of Islam beckons us muslims to awaken from the dream of forgetfulness, to remember who we are and why we are here, to know and respect the religion of others.

-Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, WHAT’S RIGHT WITH ISLAM (2004)

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A Islamic scholar (not scholar of Islam) had written in clear language about us (muslims), but many are doing the opposite. In our midst are the Bida’a gang (a term by muslim professionals in the city), this group is advocating “hate” towards other faiths and would want the muslims to go back to the 13th or 14th century CE.

What is meant by “scholar of islam”, this is a non-muslim who studied and wrote about islam, either in a positive way or the contrary.

Infact, this “Bida’a gang” who call all muslims as “infidel” or innovation (Bidaa) if they perceived practices of Islam not n conformity with their brand of Islam.

This is dangerous, one Islamic scholar pointed out with serious concern.

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To our muslim brothers and sisters our felicitation of Eid Mubarak (Blessed Eid), though belatedly, nonetheless, our prayes for a peaceful and joyful celebration commemorating the memory of the Patriarch Abraham /Nabi-Ibrahim and his son Ismael as well as the mother of the Arabs, Sitti Hagar (Hajar in Islam) whose acts of obedience and sacrifices is re-enacted in Mecca every year during the rites of Hajj by all pilgrims who assembled in Mecca from all corners of the world, in the performance of their (pilgrims) obligatory rituals of the Hajj.

Hagar, the mother of Ismael, according to Islamic tradition is the only woman who is buried beside the Kaabah within the sacred mosque side-by-side with her son Ismael, this is how islam honored this lady who founded Mecca.

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In similar honor and dignity, is the Blessed Mary Mother of Jesus, is the only woman on earth mentioned by name in the Holy Qur’an, and a chapter of the Holy Book of Muslims (The Holy Qur’an) which is entitled “Surah Mariam” (Chapter Mary) is devoted to the Lady Mary.

You can just imagine how many times muslims mention Mary in the reading of the sacred scripture, five times prayer, reading the Qur’an the month of Ramadan, and other occasions, thus, how-honorable is Blessed Mary in the eyes of the muslims.

If in the eyes of the followers of other faith aside from Islam claim that they are superior devotee to the Blessed Mary, muslims are doing their on way in the most respectful and solemn manner without extra- ordinary piety on display-this is Islam’s way.

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Cleanliness at its best! Give it to the private sector, you will see the difference.

The Comfort Room (CR) at Plaza Pershing was almost a hopeless case; dirty, smelly and anyone uses the CR you have to pay five pesos (5.00) for maintenance (kunu). But it was the worse maintenance. The janitors clean only if they feel like cleaning, they complain that many people are using the CR, of course, what is the CR for?

Now, you see the difference. You see the toilet bowls clean, sparkling, with deodorizer, the management even went of its way of providing “water diper” (tabo) because the muslim clients do washing every time they use the toilet you don’t see anything scattered, the maintenance crew and the security guard are always on the look-out for any “mis-use” of the CR.

The Comfort Room is now managed by a private entity, and you still pay the same amount as what the government had imposed (5.00) to the users. Indeed, the people do not mind paying that kind of amount.

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Can collection of garbage, as well as the cleaning of the Public Market be entrusted to the public sector?

I am sure someone at the City Council will oppose, i am sure smart alecks will emerge pretending to be siding with the “poor”. Cleanliness anyone?

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Because nobody can afford to criticize the media, because they have imposed upon themselves as the critic of the nation and society any errors committed by the 4th Estate, the people listening/reading can play a big role for the media’s development if they are also told “what’s wrong”?

For broadcasters:

1. News reporters (with TV and Radio) deliver their news so fast that you think Satan is chasing the reporter from the field or in the  announcer’s booth.

2. Numbers (Cp No. And Telephone No.) are read so quickly that you can hardly take note of note of numbers being read. For what?

3. Interviewers on TV: instead of asking questions to the guest, they do the following:

* Interject

* Interpolate

* Worse, lecture the guest!

     Amazing Broadcasters!

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