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THEY well deserve all our kudos!



“For if ye live after flesh, ye shall die, but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.”( Romans 8: 13)

(Words of Enlightenment)

THIS is indeed very true, that if we opt more for the flesh than the Spirit, then we’ll surely die. But, if we prefer our Spirit to reign over our flesh, then, surely, we’ll live for all eternity in peace and in glory with our Lord Almighty Father in Heaven. Email:


THE AFP/PNP acted more with all prudence and caution—audaciously opting to cut off those cellular lines through proper coordination with Telecom authorities in here, during the culmination day of the two-week Zamboanga Hermosa Festival on Oct. 12, the city’s biggest annual fiesta celebration.

LAST Monday’s City Hall press briefing, lady Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar and the city’s two ace defenders, ZCPO Director S/Supt. Angelito Casimiro and TFZ Commander Col. Andrelino Colina appeared pretty relief over the city’s successful festivities this year.

NO matter how they look at it, let’s all give kudos to them. They deserve it.

LET’s set aside all arguments and hints over supposed rights violation, as bruited about in our media circle here. The bottom line here is we managed to prevent all those potential threats out to sow major disturbances in here, particularly at the height of our fiesta revelries. Their supposed evil attempt to sabotage our fiesta events just didn’t happen at all. Thank God, for blessing all of us during  its whole undertakings.

AND that’s what both our PNP and AFP took upon themselves, so as to insure really our lives and properties in this our already battered city of ours.

IN our ghastly retrospect, the city was horribly marred by a series of bomb explosions in the past.

RIGHT at the Fort Pilar shrine, suspected extremists bombed, at-least 3 times, the ancient shrine—killing and maiming many of its devotees flocking our Spanish era-built shrine at the height of its religious rites.

THIS corner was amongst journalists who covered all those heinous bomb attacks that wreaked havoc in our city in the 70’s, 80’s and even way up to the 90’s at the height of the Moro rebellion in those dark days.

AMONGST the casualties were the young and old— as they never gave a hoot who got killed or hurt at all.

ONE friend of mine— an air-force sentinel and his little kid tagging along in going to the shrine that day, were among those killed on the spot.

HENCE, kudos to them, for a job well done! You, truly deserve our high esteem.

THAT’s how we espouse, as always: “Give credit where credit is due,”

BUT, for those just masquerading to be? May you vanish fast in mi ciudad de Zamoboanga. We don’t need you here. Get out!@

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