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Is anyone really winning in PCSO lotto draws?


(BY: ATTY. BATAS MAURICIO)    LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…your eyes and your heart are set only on ill-gotten wealth… Therefore this is what the Lord says… you will be… disgraced... As surely as I live, declares the Lord… I would still pull you off. I will deliver you into the hands of those who want to kill you, those you fear…” (Jeremiah 22, the Holy Bible).


REACTION ON ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH OF RP OFFICIALS: New York, US-based Filipino lawyer Mariano Patalinjug reacted to our column entitled “Do our leaders obey command vs. ill-gotten wealth?”. Read on: “Attorney Batas Mauricio: Good of you to quote all those verses of the Bible about ill-gotten wealth and `God’s’ warnings to all who go after it.

“It is a safe assumption that probably all of the Filipino officials now holding those high and mighty positions in government—in the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branches—are Christians. Would you agree?

“As Christians, and highly educated Christians at that who can be assumed to go to Church—whether Catholic or Protestant—every Sunday, they must be aware of those Biblical strictures on ill-gotten wealth. Would you agree?


ARE FILIPINOS REAL CHRISTIANS? “Then please tell me why corruption, like a malignant cancer, has metastasized throughout the body politic, starting from the very apex of the bureaucratic pyramid and going right down to the very base. Corruption is one of the two most serious problems afflicting the nation now. The other one is poverty, widespread and chronic poverty afflicting fully around a third of the country’s total population of around 100 million.

“Are these people Christians in name only? Show-off Christians? Heretical Christians, in fact? What has the Roman Catholic Church to say about these corrupt public officials? Is it the case that Catholic priests are in fact in cahoots with these corrupt public officials? If so, it should follow that Catholic priests themselves are corrupt. Would you agree?

“President Aquino rode to victory on a solemn pledge to slay the twin dragons of corruption and poverty. Sadly, after four years of Herculean efforts, he has failed. Mariano Patalinjug”


IS ANYONE REALLY WINNING FROM PCSO’S LOTTO? Pat Sosa Sigue, my boss in several news tabloids in times past, complains about the use of thermal paper by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) in its lotto tickets. His complaint, which I translated from Filipino to English: “I have been criticizing for quite some time the use of thermal paper for lotto tickets. The entries in the thermal paper are erased even if the paper is not subjected to a hot flat iron.

“Just expose the paper to sunlight and its contents get erased. Once, I put my ticket inside an organizer which I left in my car’s dashboard. When I looked at it again, its contents had been totally erased. I feel that this is a tactic of the PCSO to defraud or put one over its bettors. In the US, the paper used for their lotto is sturdy, not capable of being erased. Even if you forget it in your pant’s pockets which had been washed, the numbers remain written on it…”

Indeed, Pat is correct. It would seem that PCSO is indulging in hanky-panky here, evidently to prevent lotto winners (if any, indeed, win in any lotto lottery here) from claiming their prices. Maybe it is time for the Commission on Audit to conduct a full audit of PCSO’s lotto operations to know if there are real winners, how much are the earnings and expenses from it.


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