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(KIM begs Celso): “Allow Beng dialogue with P-Noy on BBL ”



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“THERE’s a need for all of us to unite under this circumstance,” thus voiced Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago II on Wednesday.

ELAGO, a lawyer, said the BBL to become a law, will be very precarious on the part of all of us, Zamboangueños.

“IF the BBL will be approved by January next year, and then we fail to do anything about it, then all the ARMM properties found in Cabatangan, will be automatically transferred in the name of the Bangsa Moro. That’s the very reason why I’m calling on all stakeholders here—like the NGOs, all civic-leaders, businessmen, we, politicians, and others at stake, to dialogue with Malacañang. Ask for a dialogue with the President himself and petition directly to him for only one thing, that the Cabatangan property be placed in the name of the Republic of the Philippines. That’s all… not even put it in the name of ZC,” Elago stressed.

HE pleaded with (Dist. 1) Cong. Celso Lobregat to please distance himself from this issue, and allow only Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar to lead the group, as the latter is known as very much in good grace with Pres. Noynoy Aquino— both being under one party, that’s the LP.

“C Celso, debe lang gayot nomas ya entra mete, deha lang cun Beng, cay hinde’ kita bueno ta sale c talli le entramete pa,” Elago begged.

ELAGO said the controversial Cabatangan property consists of about 40 hectares plus, with the Republic of the Philippines possessing about 17 to 18 hectares being administered by the ARMM, followed by the property of the ARMM itself with about 15 hectares. Then, the city— owning about 6 hectares.

“THERE’s only about 75 days left from today(Oct. 15), and there’s really a need for all of us to act fast, as time is running out on us,” Elago expressed grave concern.

“WE really need to be united and solid as one on this issue. And let’s move fast. We ask our Mayor (Beng) to already lead us, open the avenue already for the need to dialogue with the President, for it’s only the President who can really help us on this issue,” Elago fully explicated.

HE, in furtherance, warned:

If the city fails on this, and the BBL, that’s surely to be approved by Congress come January next year, becomes a law, then automatically, all the Cabatangan properties concerned, will be transferred in the name of the Bangsa moro, and become part of the Bangsa moro properties. Now, to avert this kind of scenario, technically, it can be done by simply changing its title in the name of the Rep. of the Philippines, and the President has the power to do it under the ARMM law that’s still in effect until the BBL be approved by January next year. That’s why we really need to move fast,” Elago indicated.

“Na, cosa pa man kita ta ase lli? Taman biendo lang? Cosa clase de lideres kita? De pa’guate lang? De sangranadas lang? Alisto lang na mga travel, travel lang? Ke clase!” na ya uwi ya tamen kita cun Bogs.

“Bueno lang sos na grandstanding, pero’ llega na ora, tembleret man,” c Ador ya pica tamen.

“Mio idol lli, hinde kamo incluhi? Man strike yo!” otro tamen bos Nado, hinde’ gat bos ta atrasa. Sta quieto bos lli na urilla!

Regaño ya tamen ya alcansa cun Bogs este c Nado de alla,alla.(30).

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