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(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) To follow-up the special report of Kap Fred Atilano on the discoloration and awful smell of the water in Divisoria River, baranggay eMedia proceeded to compare its water to the river in Lunzuran and it found out that the latter’s river is cleaner compared to the former. Fact, local residents close to the said river freely do their laundry chores and also take their baths there.

Baranggay eMedia’s presumption is possibly the canal exit of the Lumbangan dumpsite is the cause of the pollution of the Divisoria River. But it has to be confirmed.

Moreover, baranggay eMedia is not satisfied of the initial investigation it did but it continued to trace to where really is the source of the black water and its foul smells that is passing through the houses below the dumpsite.

Some local residents presented themselves to be volunteers to help determine or exactly confirm the said pollution as to be rooted from the dumpsite itself. This same group walked to as much as one kilometer passing through savannahs and bushes just as to maintain the interest for the health of the community. Kap Fred Atilano was among the group. You may expect more of its development in the coming days.

 Last Wednesday of the “Emedia Mo” which are hosted by GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging, principals of the two Zamboanga City high schools’ biggest population—Principal 3 Dr. Jesus Solon of the Zamboanga National High School Main and Principal 4 Dr. Soccoro Canaya of the Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School, were the guests of the program.

Interviews were done particularly on the illegal drug use of the studentry inside the campus. Dr. Canaya shared about the DepEd program called “Barkada Contra Droga” where students can be members to help solve the illegal drug problem in the campus.

Further, Dr. Canaya also gladly announced the installations of two CCTV inside the Don Pablo campus to help its guidance counselor and the disciplinarians monitor the students. She also underscored her intentions to add more CCTV inside the campus to cater the Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School’s population reaching to almost 6,000 this school year 2014-15.

On the other hand, Dr. Solon also disclosed that he mandated his guidance counselor to conduct regular visits to the parents and guardians of the students. He did not deny that notably, as reported, there indeed were students in his institution who involved to drug abuse but right away his administration addressed it.

He assured that despite Zamboanga National High School Main has a population of more than 8,000 enrollees, this school year 2014-15, his administration does not fail to tie with the parents and the teachers to regularly monitor the activities the students that they may not astray to the drug menace.

The City Council passed a resolution inviting concerned agencies to answer why mendicants in the thorough fares in the City are still many.

Daric Fabian of the CSWD said that they don’t stop to rescue said mendicants especially the children which has a national law prihibiting them. It is the CSWD’s work to oversee them. However, after their attempts of rescue same mendicants do escape only to return to the streets again.

Some motorists are complaining even because these beggars would dare to cross the busy traffic to ask alms. And for the record, certain road accidents were even attributed to few interference of these said beggars daring the flow of the downtown traffic.

Joel Zanoria, baranggay eMedia correspondent in Basilan, reported that at about 11PM last October 15, 2014 in Purok Yakal, Baranggay San Rafael, Isabela City, particularly at the compound of Engr. Soler Isnain Undug, District Engineer of Basilan Province, an explosion occurred from an unknown explosive material which caused damages to a steel cottage and a vehicle of a light blue Avanza that has a plate number PN PQM 312. It has no casualty though, especially to the very residents at the site of the explosion.

SAF, RPSB and 15 SF personnel responded to the scene of the explosion. Investigation disclosed that prior to the explosion, they heard a sound of a motorcycle hurriedly fleeing from the site and following a loud explosion occurred.

Post blast investigation is being conducted by the ICPS investigators and SOCO to determine the explosive ingredients. The motive is believed to be extortion. Investigation is still going on.

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” Prov. 16:3

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