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Now, it’s about “Bribe scam”



“Many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 24: 11)

(Words of Enlightenment)

WE can very well judge if he’s a false prophet or not through his teachings. In their teachings, we can distinguish if they’re of the Lord or not at all. Like, for instance, if someone teaches to worship idols, is he of God, or not? If someone teaches Jesus Christ is only a man and not God, is his teaching of God or of the devil? IF someone teaches us about believing the Holy 3, and denies the Holy One, is he of God or not? Judge yourselves. Email:



LADY Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar has ordered the city engineer’s office under Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo to thoroughly investigate the alleged bribery as exposed by a local businessman against one of its top engineers assigned under Engr. Despalo’s office in City Hall.

THE report alleged that his biz-man supposedly gave the amount of P10,000 to fast-track the building permit of the construction of his entity in the city, recently.

ENGR. Despalo confirmed having received a stern instruction from Mayor Climaco-Salazar— directing him to initiate a probe on this alleged anomaly.

“I already referred it to the city legal office, and it’s now the burden of my engineer being implicated to prove his innocence,” Engr. Despalo disclosed.

THAT only shows that our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is really that serious in her fight vs. corruption under her watch.

TO buttress her plan for an all-out campaign vs. all the maladies lurking under reign, she strengthens the city’s anti-drug campaign by funding it the more— setting the amount of P2 million to combat the drug menace in the city.

THE mayor surely has felt the grave and pernicious consequences of all these vicious social ills plaguing the city, at present, and is dead serious to focusing her attention the more in cleansing all its ill-effects, the soonest possible time. Let’s help her do it, for our own good. Let’s help her cure our own social messiness, for, surely, she can’t do it alone nay our support at all. After all, we’re all at stake in here, correct?



THERE was this “word-war” that reportedly transpired inside Zamcelco’s conference room during its board of directors’ weekly meeting the other day, and “What a scene to watch!,” according to its own top insider.

“Yes, it happened when the board and its management stumbled on one serious defect it incurred. It uncovered that too late, that one of its board of directors was elected in a wrong district, and therefore he’s representing his district erroneously,” revealed the source.

AND so, a shouting match was triggered right during their weekly board meeting, source added.

THE same source quoted the director concerned: “You go to court and file a case against me, and I’ll also file a case against you.”

Ese pa!

“Ya mira ya cosa lli ta pasa na Zamcelco? Ta abla y aba kita ste!” c Bogs rabiao ya tamen. “

“Asegun, ta agraba dao gayot el relation di-ila lli,” c Ador ta abisa.

“Poreso gane’ debe sila lli ase claro na hente.Transparent sila lli,” c Ador ya umenta pa.

“Hoy, ese General Manager lli mio se subrino,” na c Nado, subrino tamen dao suyu. Hinde’ gayot bos ta atrasa, cuchra mal labao lang bos siempre,” regaño ya tamen sale cun Bogs. ZAMCELCO  has yet to confirm many issues thrown towards its direction.One of which is about its supposed dismal high system’s loss that remains at 19% and even going higher. And, they can’t even give their honest-to-goodness answer/s at all.

Its GM George Ledemsa opts not to bother answering or facing media on such matters like this. He always claims his being too busy, hence can’t face the media at all. He, instead, refers them merely to his secretaries,

“Cay amo gane’ busy gat dao le y nuay gayot dao le tiempo para entretene cunel mga media ki,” noted one disgruntled media-practitioner. 

I can very well recall how GM Ledesma conceitedly reasoned out, “What do you want, a sitting GM or a busy GM?”

DIR. Vic Liozo, Jr’s supposed proposal for a weekly press briefing with the local media here, has been reportedly put on halt.

“ I have proposed this Jun, but as to when, that I don’t know,” Dir. Liozo bluntly replied to this corner.

Ese y aba ta abla, kita, we’re talking about transparency, but is it being done by our Coop? GM Ledesma, while yet out of Zamcelco, was strongly espousing for its transparency, but, to our dismay, he’s but just the opposite in running the Coop., right now. He’s running Zamcelco like it’s a private one. We need to know many matters about Zamcelco right now, yet we just can’t get them that easy. It takes really a hard time for the media—being its own member-consumers’ conduit— to know more about Zamcelco that truthfully, compared its past.

THE ball is now on Zamcelco, to say its piece, if it feels so or not. It really depends on them, while the Coop member-consumers yearn for its required transparency. (30)

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