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(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) A fire razed a two-storey house in Camins, Canelar on Friday at a lunch time. Baranggay eMedia was one of the earliest to respond to the incident. The Bureau of Fire and the neighbors helped each other to put off the said raze.

The fire was so fast that the residents inside were caught off guard and could only bring few to salvage. It is such a reminder to every Zamboangueño to really prepare at any event.

We are living a generation where almost everything has already changed. Not just the global warming but many other factors are causing the drastic transformation of the many things in our time. Who did know about storm surge before, or a flooding inside a subdivision which it never did happen in the past, or Zamboanga City which was thought to be impregnable from any rebel attack but was proven to be only a myth last September 9, 2013?

Another unbelievable issue in our beloved La Bella is the rapid escalation of the sale of illegal drugs in the different baranggays. An anonymous trusted source did tell this writer that a number of drug lords in the peninsula and much in the south are politicians. It is somehow unbelievable, because after all, one will have to prove such allegations by solid evidences.

Did you hear about narcopolitics? It is the marriage of the sale of illegal drugs and politics to fuel an assured career or power. To be a Mayor or a Councilor, as they say, is now very expensive. Thus, to fund ones’ interest or ambition is he must be creative to outsource good money.

If a politician is gullible, his option is either to become corrupt or to involve to narcopolitics. This suspicion though is unproven and it is only a mere hearsay due to the lack of material evidence.

It is the dilemma of our well dedicated law enforcers. So who are caught are the small time street pushers because they are the more susceptible ones for apprehensions than the big fishes who live in the warmth and in the comfort of their fortresses of goons and money in millions.

While we were in an induction ceremony for the City’s volunteerism last Thursday evening, other friends and our very own President and CEO of Baranggay eMedia Rey Bayona Bayoging were around, an ongoing buy bust and a raid took place in baranggay Tetuan.

Allegedly, the raided spot is considered for some time as a drug den or “tiangue” for many parokyanos like jeepney and tricycle drivers, students and others. Grams and grams of crystalline substance called shabu were nabbed.

For the positive side, it somehow was a breakthrough but to its sincerest, the said raid is only a tip of the iceberg of the bigger problem of the drug sale not just in Zamboanga but as well to the neighboring islands and provinces, particularly the south.

Talking about politics, 2015 will surely be start for a real bout for those who have political ambitions. Baranggay eMedia has a regular Monday-Friday program dubbed as Politika 2016. We invite different political personalities, the like of Cong. Celso Lobregat, Councilor Mhel Sadain, Councilor Rommel Again and the rest, as our guests.

The next 3 years after 2016 are determined again in the hands of the voters. But by history, unlike to other provinces, Zamboanga’s voting populace ain’t yet much corrupted. An average Zamboangueño still votes according to his conviction. It takes objectivity to cast one’s ballot wisely.

The hot issue of the Bangsa Moro is another serious thought to ponder today and for the record Zamboanga City, ever since, has withstood for any inclusion relative to such since the 70’s. 

But why can’t we give the MILF the chance? Its leadership is sincere for its hopes to Mindanao. Our aged and old struggle wearied any Mindanaon that many also think that it might be probably a time now to give peace its chance.

Personally, the writer is positive in his view for the establishment of the Bangsa Moro. However, he also goes for the clarification and changes to some of the provisions in the BBL that are not so clear or ambiguous.

‘You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.” Matt. 5:13

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