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POLITICS sizzles this early



“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place to wrath, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” saith the Lord. (Romans 12: 19)

(Words of enlightenment)

Don’t’ we try to put the law into our own hands—like generally, taking vengeance on our enemies, for it is the Lord God himself saying as being taught when mentioned above. In-fact, the Lord wants us to even love them. Don’t hate them, but pray for them that they’ll be blessed and enlightened. Email:



IN one of my simple sorties – this weekend, dropping in Brgy. Cawit that celebrated its fiesta on Saturday(Oct. 25),  I noticed one group that I pretty well knew some of them, was intensely engaged in a hot conversation, with politics as their topic of the day. Listen intently well to just its portion, as this corner keenly noted: “C (VM Cesar)Iturralde pa fuerte ba,” one pastor in community, known knowledgeable in politics, argued.

 “Kumigo c Mannix(Dalipe) mas bueno keda vice mayor ole’, cay dol tiene gayot bola bola,” a kagawad retorted.

“Kamali’, talli aura el last termer na conseho c Gerky(Valesco), joven y tiene gayot corahe. No sila aplihi, c Gerky lli ay gana para vice mayor na 2016,” top brgy. official from another village butted in.

Then, they proceeded to touch on the issue as who’s strong for mayor, come 2016:

“Perde c (Mayor) Beng cun (Dist. 1 Cong.)Celso, nicisita kita siempre hombre lli,” one all-knowing charlatan in the group, joined the spat.

“Maskin cosa sila ase c Beng pa ay gana’,” a matron (political leader) in the group, scorned them.

“Nomas ba kamo, c (Councilor) Rommel Agan lli debe kita pone, cay dol igual cun su tata c Viting( former Vitaliano Agan). un abogao y tiene gayot saber para keda diatom lider ki. Nomas ya kita pone’ otrabes ke tall na puesto. Ya pruba yaman kita, pero’ cosa ba sila ya puede ase? Nuay! Mas malo gane’ kanaton ta pasa cay nuay sila buen decision,” one visiting political buff strongly implied.

 Alli ya gayot! temprano pa, pero ta principia ya el calor del pulitika aton ki.

“Alli lang kita bueno, de pulitica lang siempre,” na c Bogs, taman putak ya tamen.

“Hustu anay sila combersa de pulitica, poreso nuay kita asenso  siempre,” c Ador taman saway.

 “Mio idol ay co’re ba?” otro ste c Nado, cuchara mal labao lang siempre hente ste. Nuay na puntay pono, igual siempre cun su idol. Ese pa!



CITY Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo, last week, revealed that a reshuffle was implemented in the city engineer’s office, recently.

“Tiene reshuffle ya ase. And, I’m planning to have another reshuffle,” he said.

Despalo contemplated on another reshuffle, as one of his top engineers was linked the other day to a supposed bribe incident as alleged by one local businessman—claiming he gave P10t to the engineer involved to supposedly hasten his pertinent papers in the CEO for the reported construction of his new building in the city. The accused engineer, according to Despalo, denied the allegation.

IT was City Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar who instructed Despalo to look into the biz-man’s complaint-letter after the latter wrote her—exposing the supposed bribery. “I already referred his complaint, to the City Legal Office for proper action,” Despalo said.

“Na, ya mira? Talli pa se fuel scam, misused city vehicle scam, y aura talli tamen gale’ se bribe scam? Asta donde pa kita ste!” ya gruñi ya tamen c Bogs.



“Jun, I’m so downhearted, I don’t know what has happened to my case I filed with the Ombudsman with regards to  this defective SP building of ours,” rued former Vice Mayor Bong Ko, the other day.

WHAT we know of, is that our SP defective edifice has gone through a lot of major repairs already— costing the city a whopping money, amounting to over P100 million already, to cure its serious defects.

VM Ko is asking COA to take cognizant of the case seriously, as this is people’s money spent for such a very expensive city-funded single structure, yet it remains problematic up to now. Its staff, personnel and even many of the councilors themselves, are letting loose their rants every time heavy rains batter the city— causing all wets inside its supposed newly-rehab edifice. 

“Bien nuay gayot kita suerte ki na diaton ciudad. Nuay gayot kita buen lideres ki, cay dol nuay man sos interes mira bien del pueblo,” c Ador ta suspira gayot.

“Mi idol lli, embuelto?”

“Bien turu’ gat bos Nado, de idol yalang bos pirmi, poreso, ste ta alcansa canaton, de buwsitan lang kita siempre ki!” ya alcansa yatamen c Nado cun Bogs.

Salawayun ya tamen el tres!@

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