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Wedding in the outskirt


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) The Baranggay eMedia was a witness of a mass wedding of more or less than 40 couples in Baranggay Baluno, West Coast of the City last week. It was such a spectacle to behold! Kap Fred Atilano led Baranggay eMedia’s team to cover the event.

Couples who lived as husbands and wives for years but without the benefit of marriage had the opportunity to tie knots. Most of them were witnessed by their own children who now also are grown-ups. Some giggled in joy but there were also who expressed awkwardness, but in general, the mass wedding was successful.

Marriage is very important not just morally but also legally. Some couples do not realize it, thus they stay content to live in cohabitations. Its few consequences are: children cannot bring the surnames of their fathers or probably can but in the registry their status are illegitimate; and to their spouses, at the event of any accident, they can’t claim their partners’ benefits. These circumstances are considered to experts as a “justified deprivation” for the unmarried couples to learn.

But above all, God is displeased when a family live without the blessing of marriage. God instituted marriage. It is His idea.

Marriage is also a reverence, a respect and a courtesy especially for the man to his bride and to the bride’s family. Offering to the woman marriage by the man is deemed honoring the parents who grew the woman whom the groom is bringing to the altar (or to a mayor or a judge’s sala).

One was an invalid that Baranggay eMedia helped. The team fetched them from their humble house and brought them to the wedding’s site. It was fun said partner Gino Franco Torres who was with the team.

On the way home Kap Fred carried the invalid husband from the car to their house. Baranggay eMedia has footage of it. It is heart-moving. Kap Fred looked like a Superman if you would “slow-motion” the video. He epitomizes Baranggay eMedia—we help without condition.

A foreigner priest officiated the wedding. The priest’s heart must be so huge in agreeing to administer the said mass generous. Climbing Baranggay Baluno for a foreigner priest ain’t a joke because of their safety’s issue. Considering two German nationals were just released a week ago. It’s a big “stuff” where one leaves his comfort zone for his flock. Kudos father!

Service is a noble value that belongs to everyone. Whether one is a politician, a public officer or a church man must have a “Good Samaritan” heart.

Kindness is an act which does have reciprocal effects. When you give kindness, one day you will also receive one more importantly when you needed help, too. You’ll be surprised when a total stranger or an unexpected person to help you will come to bless you! Remember, what we sow is what we shall reap.

Kindness is innate to every human being. What a lovely world it would be if all of mankind will stir-up such characteristic. Beside of the foreigner priest, the local leaders of Baluno and the school personnel of Lima Elementary School were also responsible for the success of the said mass wedding.

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide (stay protected) under the shadow of the Almighty” Psalm 91:1

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