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(FT. Pilar museum repair row): Uproar to tone down if..


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)
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GOOD luck Mila!

THIS farewell message is for her: “Thanks to the wonderful boss. Ma’am Mila, you are the best! From: Office to the Secretary of the Sangguniang Panlungsod(OSSP) family.”

SURELY, they’ll all miss Ms. Milagros S. Basa—I mean her colleagues in the city council.

MILA, as she’s simply addressed by her peers in the gov’t service, has served her best—exactly 37 years as of Friday(Oct. 31,2014) since she first stepped into the sala of the city’s legislative branch in l977 at a very young age of 25 years old.

SHE, in effect, has bowed out of public service— leaving behind an unblemished record worth emulating by all her co-city employees.

TO Mila, Good Luck, and May the good Lord Bless & Keep you!

AS they always say: “Thanks for the memories, Ma’am Mila!”

THE common melancholic remarks from her peers: “Dol ta cay man diamon luha’, Jun?”

Ese pa!



THE alteration uproar on our Fort Pilar museum has, indeed, caused an ill-fated impact this far. And, it looks like it’ll have its far-reaching effect—until and unless its raging controversy be well put to rest, for good.

OUR city populace here has reacted strongly, and even resoundingly in this manner.

THE local media has uncorked it first, and even compelled Mr. Jeremy Barnes, head of the National Museum, to personally come over here to our city and faced his critics, as to why they did their repairs sans consultation from our local officials.

BUT, on Thursday ( Oct. 30), the day of his arrival here, to our consternation, Mr. Barns revealed to all sundry, that they couldn’t just start any repair works out there in our historical Fort Pilar museum sans the knowledge of our local leader. In other words, they did consult with our local officialdom, no doubt.

Kita gale’ bukul ki ya sale!

BE as it may, Mr. Barnes has pledged to heed to our local populace’s urgent request to restore back its façade to its original state, at all cost, to preserve its renown aura.

“Pueda pa caha’ se ase remedio?  Dipicil ya se bosing, cay ya bunca ya sila cunese y otro ya el ichura de-ese,” c Bogs ya ladra di-unabes.

“Bueno pa c pone yalang sila retrato dimi idol lli, mas bonito pa caha mira,” otro ste c Nado ya entra ya tamen paca cuchara mal labao suyu. Ampara yalang cuneste hente de alla, alla.

THE bottom-line here, remains for them to really address our deepening concerns that such an altered ancient landmark of the city, that’s the Spanish-era built Fort of Pillar museum, be returned back to its old look. That’s all.

LET’s give them the benefit of the doubt, albeit the odds are too much for us to bear. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they can yet remedy everything, and preserve back its ancient image, for us to appreciate the same.

 THIS uproar will only simmer down if yet remedied the whole thing in here. That’s the only way, otherwise, such a gloomy flashback will always come back.@

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