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A threat or what?




BECAUSE of his undying love for all of us, God gave his only begotten son to save mankind in the last days.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son that whoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.”(John 3: 16).

 God has never given up on us. He’ll never allow Satan Lucifer, the devil to reign in our lives forever. That’s the reason why His Word became flesh and dwelleth amongst

Us more than 2,000 years ago. Email:

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I WAS somewhat bothered by the loaded statement of one top police officer, I consider a friend, right now.

AS I left the premises of City Hall, following the press briefing yesterday that lasted past 12noon already, he cautioned me:  “ingat ha.”

What’s this, a warning or what?

EARLIER, during the press con, Pencing struck one pretty hard query, and well answered by my good friend ZCPO Dir. Angelito Casimiro. It had to do with this one disturbing report referred to the press the other day.

THE query I followed up was: “How true that drag races are rampant in the city? How true they’re happening right under the very noses of our own policemen?”

AS I said, the good colonel, was impressive in his reply— assuring they’re seriously looking into this ‘report’ that they have been gathering the same, ever since.

IN-FACT, Col. Casimiro revealed there are good results already done by his cops assigned to curb such a disturbance in the city.

I HOPE I’m wrong in my perception about such a pretty nasty remark coming from a very promising junior police officer.

BUT, this I can tell to all sundry, this corner remains undaunted, after all, my principle (as journalist) remains as is: “Walang personalan dito, trabaho lang talaga.”

DON’T ever get us( the media) wrong. Just doing our job, really.

BUT, come what may, then be it! That’s part of the hazards in media profession. I’ll take in stride. Ansina man gayot se. In-fact, I’ll gladly welcome it— paying a price with my boots on. And, it you happen to target this corner, then do it fast!

“I’m always of the belief( spiritually): “You can kill my body, but never my soul. I’ll always be fearful to my God who can kill both our body and our soul— dumped unto the torments of the fires of hell.”

I just hope I’m wrong, major.



AGAIN, ONLY Dist. 1 Councilor Noning Biel III was a familiar sight during yesterday morning’s flag ceremony of the city council on RT Limn Blvd, Baliwasan.

“C Cosehal Biel lang siempre Jun, present, nuay mas otro,” came the terse unsolicited remarks from some of the SP employees, now getting ever vigilant on its own protocol.

DURING the press briefing, no less than Lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar commented: “It’s really up to the leadership of our city council. And, in this case, it’s our good vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde who’ll call their attention.”

AS for her part, the lady city executive said, as far as City Hall is concerned, she makes it a point to lead all the CH employees in its every Monday morning’s flag ceremony staged right at the city hall ground.

“C Mayor Beng gane’ ta puede man atende porke mayoriya del diaton mga consehales hinde’ ta puede ace se?” ta pregunta man gayot c Bogs.

“Hoy, Bogs, manada man picon lli,” c Ador tan saway cun Bogs cay bien matabi’ gayot deste boca.

“Mio idol se c Cosehal Biel.”

“Na c Nado, pirmi yalang cuento de idol. Bien buwsit gat bos!”

Insult ya tamen ya alcansa ste hente de monte cun Bogs, bien un seloso paca hente tamen.

Igual, igual yalang camo tres! Pabor shut up! Ese pa!@

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