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BBL media forum’s true aim


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment):

EVERY step in our life is a step to eternity. That’s why we really don’t know when it’s time for us to go—meaning when death will knock on our door, and will say, “It’s time to go, buddy.”

THIS is the very reason why we need to prepare ourselves at all times( in the spirit).

WE need to know about the Word of God, lest we’ll be groping in the dark, and remain there in darkness without knowing what to do, at all, to find our way to God’s kingdom.

“I’M the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father, but by me.,” saith the Scripture. Email:



NFA reported the other day that their last (11TH) rice shipment imported from abroad will be either last week of Nov. or early this month of December.

“Our 11th and last rice importation will probably be the last week of this month(Nov.) or by early December,” informed NFA provincial manager Gaudencio “Boy” Nuega, Jr. last Friday.

NUEGA allayed fears that our city will face rice shortage incase huge disaster( buyak!) visits us here.

“’We have sufficient rice stock in our place, so we don’t need to worry much,” Nuega confidently stated.

YES, Nuega sounds very sure that it won’t happen, at all. If so, then why worry?



MY sister( in the spirit) Zeny J. told me the other day: “Jun, why don’t you also write the good news? Or any of human interest?”

WITHOUT her knowing, Pencing has been writing all these days( in the past, in the present, and of-course in the future days to come) both the good & the bad, as well. We just need to tell the truth, that’s all. We have nothing to debate about what to write and what not to write. Zeny should know one thing in  journalism— just tell them and the truth, and the truth will set us free.

ANYWAY, that’s a very laudable suggestion, and it’ll always be in my menu. Stories of human interest are, in-fact, most well-read in most write-ups of journalists.

THANKS, anyway for such a big reminder that Zeny J. posted on me the other day.



I HAVE a strong feeling that it’s their start to pave the way for the much- keenly awaited public hearing on Nov. 14 here in ZC.

AND so, in the afternoon of Nov. 8, a media forum on the Bangsamoro Basic Law( BBL) was held in one of the hotels in here. Atty. Al  Julkipli, a member of the Peace Panel legal team, was there, briefing the local media on how this BBL will soon become a law, that’ll even benefit much of the whole Mindanao region.

THE whole 2-hour media forum, lasting to past 8pm, as it started at 5pm, was devoted most on how the Bangsamoro populace, little by little, was afforded their rights as genuine dwellers of Southern Philippines. 


DURING the forum, it was mainly emphasized by the peace panel legal team, about the wars going on in Mindanao, and how to better address them.

IN one of the info graphs they presented, the all-out war in 2000 alone cost us P1.3 billion. From 1970 to 1996, the wars cost us P 73 billion.


IN terms of economic loss, the country suffered its equivalent amount of P640 billion( $ 20 billion) from 1970 to 2001.


IN terms of human casualties, nearly 120,000 people were killed between 1970 to 1996: 50% on the MNLF, 30% on the AFP and 20% on the civilian side.


IN terms of social welfare disruption, 982,000( 2000 All-out-War); 600,000( 2008 MOA-AD failure) were recorded as those Internally-Displaced Persons) in its statistics).

THERE are still many more of its so-called grave consequences, as the legal peace panel tried to enlighten the rationale behind its BBL significance.

AND, I understand, there’ll be more to come as its prelude to the forthcoming BBL public hearing set on Nov. 14.

“Sir, actually, we’re trying to enlighten profoundly well its real context to the public, so as they won’t be misled or deceived, at all. Please tell your leaders here, not to be dissuaded at all,” one from the panel advised this corner.

‘Cun quien caha le kel ta rifiri?” aba c Bogs suspechoso man?

BY next issue, we might let you know as who’s really their stumbling block in here. THANKS, guys.(30) 

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