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(Nov. 14 dilemma): BBL or CCC?


 (BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

ANGER triggers evil doings— hence don’t harbor it in your heart. In-fact, it’s considered as amongst the fruits stemmed from our evil thoughts that can be very menacing.

That’s why the Bible saith: “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.”(James 1:19) Email:

ON the day of the crucial BBL issue that’ll beckon lawmakers from both chambers of Congress, to come here and hold a public hearing on this very subject matter, one legal luminary here prefers to first set his thoughts on the city’s no. one hero—the late legendary Mayor Cesar C. Climaco.

 THE known long-silvery hair mayor died from an assassin’s lone bullet while inspecting an early morning fire on Gov. Alvarez on Nov. 14, 1984 that completely changed the political landscape of ZC since his violent death.

I’ll try to attend (the BBL public hearing), but this coming Nov. 14, being the 30th death anniversary of our late legendary Mayor Cesar C. Climaco, the city’s no. one hero, in the morning, I’ll go to Abong-Abong to visit his grave, and bring flowers, light candles and pray for his soul,” bared Atty. Alfredo M. Jimenez, Sr., the city’s top criminal lawyer, last Tuesday.

ATTY. Jimenez was one of the late city mayor’s top guns— being one of the ace political leaders of the Concerned Citizens Aggrupation(CCA) party founded by Ñor Cesar himself.

FRED, as he’s intimately known to his many friends here, wanted that the late legendary mayor’s legacy be relived, as always.

“I want to see to it that whatever his tenets are, should still be alive up to now. People should be reminded as who’s really Mayor Cesar C. Climaco—a real Zamboangueño,” the battle-scarred legal practitioner stressed.

HE said during the late Mayor Climaco’s reign in the 1980’s, “Everyone was happy and contented. Christians and Muslims alike, they loved the mayor. Violations of the laws were not really very rampant. There were no bombings,” Atty. Jimenez described the city.

AS to the BBL, Atty. Jimenez, SR. said the people should be made aware of the issue.

“This will be debated in Congress for final approval. If approved, it’ll be embodied in our constitution. ZC is out of the sphere of the Bangsa moro area, and if outside, then I believe even the parcels of land like the ARMM property in Cabatangan complex should not be placed under the power and jurisdiction of the Bangsa moro. My suggestion is for the national gov’t, jointly with our local gov’t here, pay the value of the land to the Bangsa moro group. That’ll be one way of preventing the unnecessary entries of their( moro) fighters into our city. And to prevent possible hostilities between our residents here and those strangers trying to come and occupy our place,” Atty. Jimenez spoke up his mind.


ATTY. Jimenez said he’s positive in his thoughts for peace to reign once the BBL will take into effect. “I’m more positive that there’ll be genuine peace if both parties will abide faithfully and completely with the agreement. But, if there’ll be violations, then peace will never come,” Jimenez assessed.


ATTY. Jimenez also espouses intermarriages as another way to achieve peace in the city. “I think intermarriages between the Muslims and Christians are happening right now, more frequent. This is one way really in helping bring peace in ZC, because love is the strongest feeling or emotion that man may have for one another, after our love for God. We pray and hope that we’ll have peace, at-last,” Atty. Jimenez underlined.

“I’ll try my best to attend( BBL public hearing), because after paying my respects to our late Mayor Cesar Climaco, I might be going to its venue (Centro Latino) in Paseo del Mar. I’ll just listen, but if asked to say my piece, I might do so. You know, I’m not an eager-beaver type,” Atty. Jimenez said.

EARLY on, others who have encouraged our local folks here to attend and let their sentiments be heard by the ad-hoc committee of Congress. Are: Dist. 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat, Dist. 2 Congresswoman Lilia Nuño, City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar and our city legislators, as a whole.

IN-FACT, all the stakeholders here are invited to attend the BBL public hearing on Friday(Nov. 14) So, don’t fail on this one, folks.

“El problema bosing, 500 el capacidad del lugar alli na Centro Latino,’ c Bogs taman lingasa cay anda tamen dao le.

“Akel era alla na city coliseum para manada ay puede atende,’ c Ador ya combersa tamen.

“Yo canda gayot yo, cay uwi gayot yo cun mi idol combersa,” na c Nado de idol lang siempre el cuento.

“Kien man debso idol Nado?” c Bogs pa pesca ya tamen cuneste hente de alla, alla.

“Cosa man bos Bogs, bien uli-anun man bos!”

Ngek! Yan bukul pa c Bogs.@

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