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Grams of crystalline substance busted


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia was invited on Saturday by our local law enforcers to cover an operation where they would serve a search warrant, in Tumaga Porcentro, whose residence is being marked by intelligence efforts of the police to be a drug den of the sale of illegal drugs. Together with other media outfits, Barangay eMedia went in the person of reporter Joseph Zosobrado.

Joseph confided to this writer, that he was quite nervous of the operation because he felt something big was about to be busted, and accordingly, the person (and the place) to be searched is notoriously known as to be indeed dangerous. Together with the Police Central Office and Station 5, Divisoria Police Station, the said operation was conducted at 7:15AM on Saturday.

Upon the law enforcers’ arrival at the subject place, right away the search warrant was presented. The owner of the place could not resist, so the search began. What the police found are lethal weapons—loaded guns and a hand grenade, and 5 sachets of crystalline substance, called shabu, with each sachet as estimated to be around P 20,000.00 in market value to the streets in Zamboanga. The busted stuffs were already expected by the law enforcers, because said subject has been in the intelligence records of the police as a suspected den in the sale of illegal drugs.

This same man was a former resident in Rio Hondo but, because of the siege last year, he transferred in Tumaga Porcentro recently. He thought to be safe and would still prosper with his illegal trade in a new place, but he was wrong because every evil act or evil person always leaves a trail where the long arms of law cannot fail to apprehend the offender. So his day came, Saturday 7:15AM.

The eventual arrest of the suspected drug pusher is another strong warning to those who are involved in the same illegal trade, because it could be them to be next. City Councillor Jerry Perez is being mandated by our Mayor and the City to eliminate the drug problem in our City.

Councilor Perez is very serious to his mandate. He is even being called now as Zamboanga’s “Drug Czar”. Historically, the Perez clan had also left a good leadership example in the past for the good of our City, where criminalities were, if not totally eliminated, minimized. The young Councillor is very dedicated and is hard-working, not just to please the people but, to perform his sacred duty for the common good of Zamboanga.

Every single person has a role to perform in the bigger picture for the betterment of La Bella. Our City, like to any other city, has her own problems which the Zamboangueño people must work together to be solved.

The illegal drugs have recently superseded other criminalities in Zamboanga. Such is a priority problem that must be faced squarely or else everyone may regret in the future. You just think to how illegal drugs are destroying the future of our youths.

Though, let’s continue to believe and support our leaders because we’ve no choice but to stay positive and give our all for the general welfare of everyone.

“You have wearied the Lord with your words. But you say, ‘How have we wearied Him?’ By saying, ‘Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and he delights in them’. Or by asking, ‘Where is the God of justice?” Mal. 2:17 ESV

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