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BOMB scare mars BBL venue


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)


ONE of the most grievous sins detested by God is our being hypocritical in his sight.

GOD knows us through our heart, if indeed, we are sincere to him or not.

 WE can’t fool him at all. Even before we are formed in the womb of our mothers, God knows us already.

HENCEFORTH, human beings can’t hide their being hypocrites in the sight of the Lord.

THIS is the very reason why only a few will be chosen out of the so many called.

THE Scripture says: “YOU hypocrites, as it is written, this people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from we. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” (Mark 7:6). Email:



THE Ad-hoc committee members of the Lower House chaired by Cong. Rufus Rodriguez indeed were prepared to answer questions from people supposedly coming from all walks of life. The public hearing and consultation on HB # 4994 otherwise known as the Bangsa moro Basic Law(BBL) held on Friday(Nov. 14) that started from 10am and wrapped up at about 6pm, was well attended. In-fact, it was described as jam-packed by many.

I CAME  pretty late, as I attended( as invited) the 1st death anniversary of another fallen Climaco Icon. He was the former late Tungawan town mayor Arsenio Climaco who was shot dead after visiting the tomb of our late legendary Mayor Cesar C. CLimaco last year.

THE late Climaco of Tungawan was on his way back home to his native place at about 10am after his visit to the grave of his kin CCC, when ambushed inside his car he was driving in the company of his wife and 7-year old grandson while cruising along the Guiwan High-way near its San  Bernardino Bridge.

I stayed in Tungawan for about an hour after a long travel by land on board my kia, reaching its place a little past 12noon.

THE late Tungawan hizzoner was laid to rest in his hometown, particularly in a village named Cayamcam. And, folks of the said town came in throngs to mark the 1st death anniversary of their revered mayor— the way we Zamboangueños here, that huge in number, too, revered our own political icon here on same date for his 30th death anniversary.


AFTER paying homage to their late favorite son Arsenio Climaco, I proceeded to its municipal hall where its now Mayor Randy Climaco was caught attending to certain activities that day, including meeting with their Cenro officials to discuss salient concerns about their own environmental condition, I guessed, as Randy just culminated his having audience with them.

THE young Tungawan town executive talked a lot of nice things about our own lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, calling her as his Ate Beng.

HE has very much high regards of her—especially his never to forget, according to him, Mayor Beng’s arduous help on the day their own Arsenio and his family were attacked by their gunmen riding in tandem on their single motorbikes.

“She was really there giving help. She never abandoned them( victims) during the incident. It was because of her dire efforts that saved the life of the 8-yr. boy(the late Arsenio’s grandson) who was hit in the eye, and now rendered with one blind eye,” Mayor Randy extolled our lady mayor here.


BACK here, I motored to Centro Latino where the BBL consultation was halfway through, I learned.

NEVERTHELESS, I had the privilege to listen to yet scores of speakers that afternoon, including a young guy from Isabela City, Basilan. The young man mesmerized the visiting solons with his hard questions—including his potshot at them, for having their huge funds allocated as members of Congress, yet it’s clear, he rued, that their constituents remain as poor as always.

ANOTHER speaker that day was Hadji Sandag, the secretary general of the ZC Indigenous people’s council of leaders and Sama & Bajau Council(Sabal). Hadji Sandag expressed his well-lauded views on the BBL: “1.) Zamboangueños opted not to join the BBL simply because we, specially the IP’s, are already contented with our way of life, of our culture, our little area and our little waters; contented with the performance of our barangay leaders, SP members and that of the vice mayor, city mayor and both our congress reps, Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat and Dist. 2 Congresswoman lilia Nuño. So, why change? We don’t want change, because the best are already here in our city; 2.) Retention of the 75% taxes by ZC as provided in the BB law, article 12 Sec. 10—sharing & retention of taxes; 3.) The representation of the sea  where most IPs are based, like the Sama Bajau and Sama Bangingi.”


AS the public hearing was about to wind up, a suspicious left baggage made everyone jittery. But when the k-9 sniffing dog was brought in to find out if true it was a bomb, the dog just stayed calm and never showed any sign of danger, at all.

But, just the same, it meant one good result: Vigilance was high out there at the venue to thwart any attempt to disrupt the momentous event.


THE ad-hoc committee members of the House assured the people here, that virtually all can yet come to a compromise if only to find a real solution to the peace problem in Mindanao, but never can we ever compromise the constitution of our land. This is but non-negotiable, no matter what they say, the visiting solons appeared to rhyme all their own statements.


THE Ad-hoc committee body of the House is currently on sorties of the different regions in Mindanao to listen to all the sentiments of their people with regards to the BBL issue. THE proposed BBL is poised to get the nod of Congress for its approval into law.


WE, the Zamboangueños, are naturally wary over its prospects, once it becomes operational as a law, as all its properties outside its core territory, can be found also in ZC- particularly the huge ARMM complex where its LTP used to sit in its place during the Martial Law days.


OUR local leaders here, spearheaded our City Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and our two solons Lobregat and Nuño, are expected to dialogue with Pres. Noynoy Aquino III, to convince him be on our side, and help us own back the ARMM properties in Brgy. Cabatangan before the BBL’s enactment into law by next year.


THE countdown has started, and ZC has but just about 2 months left before the BBL gets to be operational, as part of the law of the land.


THERE’s the need for all of us to act fast in working on the issue in our favor before it’ll grind into law against us.

TIME is running out fast, and we need to muster and hasten all our efforts in resolving this one thorny issue still rearing its ugly head.

OHTERWISE, we all suffer from its possible serious repercussions, leaving behind a legacy to our future generation that’ll put us (their forebears) under curse. This, we hope and pray, won’t happen at all.@

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