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Injured cop amazes Mayor Beng


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)


THE greatest miracle that can happen to us, mankind, is when we can become sons and daughters of our Lord Almighty Father.

IT’s so hard to become one, in the spirit. We need to surrender our (human) will to God’s will, so we can obey and follow his words. Without doing this first, it’s but very difficult to follow and do his will. That’s the reason why it’s said in the Scriptures, “Many will be called but only a few will be chosen.” And so, it’s not our physical healing that many hail as can be the greatest miracle in our life, but it’s in being our spiritually transformed from the son of the devil—as being so upon our birth in the flesh, without our knowing it,— to being the son/daughter of the Father Almighty in Heaven. THE Bible says: “To all who believe in him, and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn, not in the physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God.” (John 1: 12-13) Email:



“WHY can’t we name streets here after many of our past leaders?” asked a true-blooded Zamboangueño working with one national gov’t agency here last Wednesday.

THE concerned guy named past local executives like deceased mayors Hector Suarez and Tomas Ferrer who deserve their names enshrined in ZC— by just naming the streets after them.

“Hinde’ ba tiene ya?” I told him.

“I don’t think so,” he doubtfully remarked

“Look at our streets, are there named after these mayors?,” he was inquisitive about it all.

I agree. Dol nuay man tamen, unless we’re proven wrong.

HE looked even more sour, when the street that was the only major one constructed as the most recent in here, has been reverted from its former Mayor Vitalian Agan St. back to Nuñez Extension St.

“El Mayor Vitaliano Agan St. ya keda otrabes Nuñez Ext. street. The late Mayor Agan deserves his name be enshrined, as well. In-fact, the street was one of his flagship projects,” came his lamentable account. 

Dol tupao tamen.



THE injured cop in the Nov. 9 twin bomb blasts in ZC deeply amazed our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar for his indomitable courage while still in peril.

“I just admire his courage. Though, he has those injuries, yet I saw him smiling, and very much in high spirit while in his hospital bed,” Mayor Beng described the wounded PO2 Franklin Ined of the ZCPO bomb squad.

INED was believed still in a precarious condition after being hurt in his upper torso, particularly in the face that would need further surgery.

HE was with “Diego,” the lone k-9 dog of the ZCPO, when suddenly, while on inspection of a suspicious item on Tomas Claudio St., a bomb just went off.

BOMB experts said the explosive, a home-made type, could cause heavy damage.

“It was a miracle that nothing of huge degree was resulted,” the expert said, as he described as pure luck that they were just injured.         

Keber gale se!


ACCCORDING to Mayor Beng, many of our kind-hearted civic groups here, and even individuals have extended help to the injured policeman, and that “Diego” is under the good care of the city veterinarian office that’s helping treat his wounds, too.

DEFINITELY, such a gesture is like that of the Samaritan as well narrated in the Scripture. WE need more souls like that in our community. Hurrah!@ 

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