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The Christian life: A question of profit and loss


(BY: BRO. PAENG SANTOS) Plunder, Hoarding, Stealing… What difference does it make? If one seeks and gains the whole world what has He? E.P. All dredge in an Expository Sermon Outlines set this out in seven points as follows:

(1) He could use only a small part of it. (2) He could use that small part only for a little while. (3) He could have no associates, no fellowship, and no comradeship. (4) He could never have a real friend, or companion, or partner. (5) He would have responsibilities and obligations which no human mind could understand and no human power fulfil. (6) No part of his possessions, nor all of it together, could take away his sins and give him peace with God. (7) When he came to die, he could not carry any part of his richness or any one of his achievements with him.

And What Will He Lose? As we continue, here again we reckon the infinite losses under seven points as follows:

(1) He will lose Christ: “If any one of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me” (Matthew 16:24). (2) He will lose God and all sense of God. Money and great achievements have become his gods. (3) He will lose life. (4) He will lose all  opportunity for peace with God and pardon for sin. (5) He will lose sympathy for, and service of, the needy world. (6) He will lose all reward – for the future. (7) He will lose eternal life – and hope for it.

From the Bible, Matthew 16:24-28 is one of the master passages in the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. It carries four of the greatest lessons known to Christian Life: (1) All idea of personal gain, all desire for personal gain, must be eliminated, once and for all, from every Christian mind and heart (v.24). (2) Whoever plans and purpose to save his life will certainly lose it (v.25). (3) If one could gain the whole world and lose his life, he would be an infinite loser in the bargain (v.26). (4) Every man will be rewarded at last, according to what he has sought for and worked for (v.27).

So the Saviour here is bidding us count the cost of seeking to gain the whole world and losing our lives and higher selves forever. Indeed the Christian life is a question of profit and loss.


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