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Inconsistent implementation of ordinances


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) We are pretty sure there are many of you can identify Barangay eMedia’s sentiment of the recent, again, re-imposition of the anti-jaywalking downtown. Please, when you shop, observe to rightly walk, THIS TIME, in the pedestrian line, otherwise you can be apprehended.

Generally, the Zamboangueño people do appreciate the efforts of the City Administrator’s Office, but hope this won’t be again a niñgas cogon execution. The people want to see a permanent implementation. It is disgusting, though, that there are a number of good City ordinances in Zamboanga, and all of them are for the betterment of our City, yet somehow their inconsistent implementations, always, discourage the public’s trust!

And talking about traffic, here is another controversial situation. On a Tuesday morning, in Nuñez St., an armoured van of an agency parked in a counter-flow way, just in order, to conveniently position at the front of a certain known bank. Because of the wrong parking of the said van, at least in 15minutes, it created artificial traffic congestions in the Nuñez stretch. Now, it was just a one situation. Are there how many armoured vans plying in Zamboanga every day that are also doing the same?

Barangay eMedia have a couple of honest questions for the COMPAC and the City Traffic Division, Station 11. First, SIRS, do armoured vans, which are sub-contracting the different banks in Zamboanga, have a parking immunity in the City despite that, each time, they contribute the worsening traffic problem in La Bella? Is there a special law or even at least an ordinance justifying it? Second, if there is none why you don’t apprehend or at least reprimand them that next time they too must observe traffic rules?

Nobody is above the law. After all, these armoured vans are usually escorted with armed security guards, why would they, after all to the extent, park wrongly anywhere they want only to stop closer to the banks they’re serving? What, are they scared? Banks after all hired them because they believe the competence of these agencies. By simple angles, such practice is rather a minus factor for any security agency for it implies hesitations.

Let’s talk about the wearing of helmets of motorcycle drivers and their back-riders. Why plenty of times, policemen do only seem to ignore drivers without helmets running in highways? Worse, there are policemen who even drive their personal motorcycles not at the same time wearing helmets, and also LTO personnel. Barangay eMedia would wish to remind that you folks are public officers not just bound to do your duties but also to comply the law.

Other inconsistent implementations of local laws are the anti-smoking and the anti-littering ordinances. Why smoking in public are still proliferated openly downtown, like in Plaza Pershing, the alleys of a certain university at the heart of the City, and unbelievably downstairs of the City Hall itself?

2-3 weeks ago, policemen raid those cellphone-vendors downtown. They did them sternly and passionately because accordingly, many of those phones are allegedly snatched or stolen ones. But a couple of days after the said raid until now, these same vendors are backed to normal selling their goods! Where are those uniformed men?

Art. 19 of the Civil Code provides, “Every person must, in the exercise of his rights and the performance of his duties, act with justice, give everyone his due, and observe honesty and good faith.”

However, in fairness to our public officers, every citizen in the City is as well bound to follow the anti-jaywalking ordinance. It is for everyone’s good. Such ordinance, actually, was created for the safety of the public.

On the helmet thing, not wearing it is not an excuse because you saw a police officer or an LTO personnel doing it! The rationale of its compliance is personal. Meaning we mustn’t think a public officer’s transgression as a personal justification to do the same error. If it really bothers you, you can properly complain them. The law provided us many provisions to find redress when public officers don’t performed their sworn duties.

Barangay eMedia believes the quote of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This is the reason why Baranggay eMedia continues to criticize the wrong as a check and balance to those who are in power.

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