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God’s call: Unselfish service


(BY: BRO. PAENG SANTOS) Our Christian leaders both in church and in government must seek Christ’s Standard of Greatness. Nothing in Christ’s life or teaching was more revolutionary, more extra ordinary, more out of keeping with the conceptions of the world, than his contention that man only is great who gives himself up to unselfish service for a need world.

To attain Christ’s standard of greatness we must enter with Christ into five great experiences. E.P. Alldredge Sermon Outlines tells us five things are involved in it as indicated hereunder:

1. We must share Christ’s outlook upon the needy world. Christ saw the world as a vast group of needy, broken, suffering, sinning dying people who needed help, rather than as a field for achieving some measures of personal success or attaining some great personal gain.

2. We must approach the needy world as Christ approached it. When Christ came to a needy world, he did not approach it with hate or fear or some personal design. He approached it with a sympathetic understanding and a desire to help it that has no parallel in history. And no leader of men, in any walk of life can be accounted great who does not approach the world as did the Lord Jesus.

3. Moreover, we must be actuated by the same spirit of self-dedication which Christ manifested. We cannot go out to the world in the spirit of personal aggrandizement, seeking personal ends. Rather we must go with avowed determination to give ourselves up to the task of helping others.

4. We must seek the same goal which Christ sought. Christ did not stop with rendering a reasonable or moderate service to the needy world – he gave his best, his all to the task, not withholding even life itself. And this is God’s call to us today, the challenge of Christ’s standard of greatness, that we should give our best, our all, to the needy, broken, dying world.

5. Finally, then, we must make the same contribution to the world which Christ made – UNSELFISH SERVICE.


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