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(Anti-jaywalking furor) “Only 10% violates” – City Hall


(BY: BY JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)


WHEN the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, and rose again after 3 days, one of his disciples named Thomas doubted it could ever happen. “Unless I touch all his wounds in his body, I don’t believe it,” Thomas told his co-disciples.

ONE day, Jesus appeared in their midst while inside their locked room hiding from the Roman soldiers. Then Jesus turned to Thomas: “Thomas come and touch my wounds.”  The skeptic Thomas approached Jesus and did what the Lord told him to do. THEN, when he found out it was Jesus indeed after he touched his wounds, he exclaimed: “My Lord, my God, now I believe!”

 Then, Jesus told them: “Blessed are you who see me and believe, but more blessed are they who have not seen me, yet they believe.” Email:



“ONLY 10% are not heeding to our anti-jaywalking ordinance. 90% are complying, as they know how to use our pedestrian lanes,” came the response of City Administrator Jun Orendain over the weekend.

ORENDAIN gave this reaction when it was criticized by certain sectors, that this particular edict is haphazardly done by our city gov’t—meaning same ningas cogon.

THE anti-jaywalking is now being vigorously enforced by our cops, and there were many violators caught flat-footed during the early going of its resumed campaign just the other day.

AS always being cautioned: “Ignorance of the law, excuses no one.”



THE Sta. Maria barangay is cool these days—thanks to the cops and their barangay officials, alike.

AND when speaking of the present Sta. Maria police leadership, “They’re really doing a good job,” noted its youthful barangay captain Abraham “Abe” Tan over the weekend.

THIS is the reason why, Tan said, they gave their rare commendation to Sta. Maria police chief P/Supt. Diomarie Albarico during their barangay general assembly ( last Oct.).

CONSIDER this. In Albarico’s short stint as Sta. Maria police chief (Aug. up to  Nov.), there have been 18 operations conducted, and 38 persons arrested in drug incidents alone. Illegal drugs is the main focus of our lawmen at present, as ZC is getting to be a haven for illegal drugs activities.

THE most recent saw the fall of a 37-year old ‘notorious’ drug suspect on Toribio Drive, Pasonanca. From his possession, the police seized a weapon and dope paraphernalia.

Continue on, guys!



THE ZC Red Cross will definitely hold its keenly-awaited, “The Battle On the Floor” on Dec. 10.

THE show has been reset from its earlier date (Nov. 21), as its venue (City Coliseum) was then fully booked.

 “And therefore, we have to re-schedule it to a later date( Dec. 10),” revealed Vic Liozo, Jr., its Red Cross administrator here.

It’s actually a charity event, featuring G-FORCE Stallions plus Hip Hop/Street Dance Competition among the local dance crew.

See you there all, then!@

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