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Relatively peaceful, thanks Manny


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Every Sunday, I conduct a special program in Barangay eMedia—Sunday Difference. It takes me around 15-minutes drive to arrive the station from downtown. Amazingly, one could know that yesterday was indeed an uncommon day! Well it was Manny Pacquiao’s fight. Most Filipinos, I believe, also felt that it was as well their fight. It is a usual sentiment every time Pacquiao represents the country. His every climb to the ring is a pride of Juan dela Cruz.

There was no much traffic observably. I presume traffic enforcers and policemen had their chance, too, to rest and watch the live fight of Manny. Thus, my going to the station, instead, took me a 10-minute! Quite a disadvantage though for me because I could not watch the real live bout! My afternoon program would go through from 12noon to 3PM. What I did later was to review it online at home around 10PM.

Our country needs more heroes like Pacquiao! He came from a humble beginning, gradually climbed his success, and until he reached to where he is now. He is an epitome to any dreamer, that indeed as you commit and are willing to pay the price nothing can be impossible to you. Everything is reachable to him who runs with an inspiration.

When Pacquiao fights politicians from opposite camps stop to bicker, they even sit along, as like in Macao yesterday, rebels temporarily lay their arms for awhile to watch him on TV, no vehicular accidents, as everyone rest from driving and stay home, many do attend church rather in a late afternoon schedule because the morning or before the bout they are locked to watched Manny, and we can go on to share more good stories.

Needless to say, in different barangays yesterday, friends bet each other to who would win. Pacquiao is always a llamado while his every opponent is adejado. Professional gamblers, I guess, did bet even bigger. It is how Manny affects thousands or even millions of Filipinos.

Something shifted significantly recently to the life of our “Pambansang Kamao” when he became born again and openly professed that he now gave his life to God. On interviews, he could be seen either reading a Bible or in a Bible study. He even has Bible memory verses which he recites on national TV.

But what is good to the story of his sudden change is his real and genuine life’s transformation. He stopped his vices and his womanizing character. It was leaked that Jinky almost left him because of Pacquiao previous affairs. He did usually excuse that he could do it for he had money. It took him to dream a very strong nightmare about hell to lead him to that said sudden change. He later asked a minister to pay him a visit to explain to him the Bible.

Many of his supporters talked around that it could be the changing of his religion that brought him to the series of defeats and that worse Pacquiao-Marquez fight which a fateful punch brought him to a defining knock out. However, despite, he remained calm and insisted that God must have reasons why that happened.

The bestseller author, Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Live met Pacquiao once in his practice in a gym in California. They exchanged views about his new found faith. The said bestseller writer later, after their sharing, named him as a purpose-driven boxer. He also prayed for Manny and encouraged to keep up his career.

Different priests’ organizations also adopted Pacquiao as their ambassador to spread the Good News and to distribute Bibles. Everyone can have his view about the new direction of Pacquiao. I may give my little piece too. Pacquiao chose the best decision. Between a prodigal or to a directed life, I’ll go to the latter.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pasture. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul…” Ps. 23:1-3

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