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(BY: BOVIC L. LUCERO) In the movie “Transformers,” the Decepticons were the anti-hero characters, who use deceptions, out to rule the world. Thanks to the good guys, the Autobots who were able to subdue their evil intent but with a lot of collateral damages on the part of the people. But a win is a win! So I will define a Decepticon as a person who uses the art of deception to make his/her ends meet.

In the context of our society, we encounter numerous Decepticons in our midst. They thrive in every nook and cranny of our lives. What then is deception? It is an act in making someone believes that is not true; to mislead by a false appearance or statement that leads to feelings of betrayals and distrust. In layman’s term, it means extending the right hand in peace and goodwill while the left hand is picking up your pocket!

We see a lot of commercials and marketing advertisements of products promising us youth and vigor only to find out in the end that their effects are short-lived and even hazardous to the health in the long-run.

We hear about people and companies promising us a get-rich scheme of getting whatever money we invests to be doubled in a short time only to learn that they ran away with the loot.

We learned that a large-scale deception was inflicted on the people through bogus organizations which siphoned moneys intended for the masses but instead went to the pockets of the enterprising ones.

We watched our favorite celebrities and stars and all that jazz and get envy on their ritzy and glamorous lifestyle only to discover that some lives a life full of lies, drugs, and sinful activities.

We listen to our government officials speak, we see them at work in public, projecting all the magnetic charms of an effective leader to get public attention and of course, their votes, and the naïve and innocents try to get a “groupie selfie” with them for some mementos just to feel good or important among friends.

The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that there is no quick-fix for everything we desire for. Decepticons will be a part of our society for years to come so long as greed, vanity, envy, pride, gluttony, lust and sloth otherwise known as the Seven Deadly Sins, are ever present in our lives.

However, we can all become “Transformers” by positively influencing the people and factors that affects our lives and to live life with the values we have inherited from our elders. It can be done. Goodluck to all of us!

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