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Who’s lying, who’s not?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)


WHEN in worry, that doesn’t sit well with the Lord God Almighty.

WORRY in us only shows we don’t trust God at all. If God knows our future, why worry? Even the Scripture reveals: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” ( 1Peter 5:7) Email:


“WE can still exhaust other avenues in our effort to recover back the  ARMM property in theCabatangan complex that’s in danger of being owned by the Bangsamoro region, unless we move fast prior to the BBL enactment into law,” thus explained Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago II, a lawyer by profession.

ELAGO reacted last week after Atty. Vic Solis, in his column that saw print in this paper, suggested that the best option for the fruitful redemption of the ARMM property in Brgy. Cabatangan is to file a mandamus (for TRO) with the High Tribunal(Supreme Court).

“We can go to that as a last resort.  In the meantime we need to use all our diplomacy as we plan to seek directly the help of the President(Noynoy Aquino)for a possible dialogue with him,”Elago underlined.

RECALL, the city council approved a resolution recently, for the city officials here led by our lady Mayor BengClimaco-Salazar to seek an audience with the President, and to ask his help in our sheer determination to redeem back all the ARMM properties located in ZC— especially its large lot in Cabatagan.

THE issue of BBL will be tackled by Congress that’s being anticipated to approve it into law early next year, as Pres. Aquino is pressing for its early implementation before he bows from the presidency in 2016.

ELAGO said time is of the essence, and the need for us to act fast on this issue is but of utmost importance.

UNDER the proposed BBL, when such bill will finally get the nod of both chambers of our national legislature, all the properties outside its core territory, will automatically become part of the bangsamoro homeland.

“This is where the danger lies if we fail in all our exhaustive efforts to redeem these properties here under the name of the ARMM. And, that’s the only time we can resort to this ultimate alternative— that’s to go all out for the mandamus,” Elago expounded further.

Tupaotamen c dyot.

Debemobe de pronto, no gayot man patay, patay, ultimo-ora, dispertakitatodo, otroya ta dueñakicanaton. Amparayalang!



ONE ‘left-out’ city councilor brought to Pencing’s attention that his colleagues in the council, purely from the majority bloc, made their hasty travel to Manila by plane last week.

“Their travel was very mysterious. We really don’t know their intention why  suddenly they all flew to Manila. El kiendao ta encabesacunelgrupoamodao c Spiderman,” he quipped.

I asked the city dad concerned, who is this “Spiderman” in their group?

HIS answer was: “Nosabegane’ yo.El sabe man tu c quien se.”

Ese pa!



THE SP( council) staff has claimed last week that there has been no more minor repair works noted in its sanggunian building, as far as its additional massive repair works for its  supposed remaining major defects worth P 20 million, is concerned.

“Dolnuaymas man? As if it has stopped already,” she said.

She said the SP structure, whose no. of repair works cost the city the approximate  P100 million in city funds, is observed as having no more leaks by now.

“Dolnuay mas man tulu’ yaobservakita,” she insecurely stated, though.

NOW, I asked City Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo, if indeed this is true, and if so, did the city already pay the full P20 million amount to the contractor?

OR is the collectible balance of P2 millionstillintact with our city coffer?

“Hinde’ puede pa,” came his terse reply, stressing there has been no formal turn-over whatsoever yet.

“They cannot collect the P2 million remaining amount unless their work is certified as 100% completed,” Engr. Despalo assured.

Ansina ha?

IT has been goaded that the SP building is one of the most expensive single local gov’t structures in ZC.

“Pero’ el tulu’ hindenaamo,” came the contrasting observation of the councilors’ staff located on its 3rd floor.

Acabayakitaste! Cosabagayot el verdad, ha?(30)

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