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Why he hanged himself?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Last Sunday after dinner, a husband asked permission to his wife to go out for awhile, and thinking that perhaps the husband would just relax outside their home, so the wife simply nodded and continued to finish the household chores. The family is an average one and according to the wife, she can’t remember, that they do have problems that could disturb their peaceful family.

The wife went ahead to sleep with their five children, unknowing to them that on following day everything would change forever because to as early as 6 in the morning yesterday, Monday, she found her husband hanging on a mango tree, using a colour blue rope, from a stone-throw distance and had committed suicide.

His body, Orlando Francisco—46-year old and a resident in Zone 1, Barangay Lumbangan, was already stiff and cold. Right away, relatives and neighbours carefully lowered him from the tree. Everyone in the community could not believe that Francisco would end his life for, like his wife, they didn’t know any deep problem he or his family has that might cause him to commit suicide.

Barangay eMedia reporter/host Kap Fred Atilano covered the exclusive incident, as Lumbangan is only a barangay lower to his jurisdiction in Lumayang. The corpse of Francisco was later brought to a local funeral parlour for the embalming.

What are the usual causes of a suicide tendency? According to experts there are a number of them, but the most prevailing is depression. When one could not already handle his pressures, internally his ordeals would squeeze his psychological capacity and emotionally incapacitate him to continue to fight life’s struggles. Thus, his sole ultimate option, in his inner being, is to end his life. 

Depression is such a dangerous stage to anybody, where an inner sense pushes him to end all his un-surmountable anxieties by killing himself. That inner sense is a loud silent voice alluring him inside gradually and every day. It won’t stop until either of these two things will happen—counselling as an intervention and suicide itself.

This was the same cycle famous Hollywood comedian actor Robin Williams went through before he ended his life recently. Many empathized to the actor’s ordeal. Nobody could believe that despite of his humorous lifestyle that he would commit suicide. Williams, like any normal human being, had as well has his battles and unknown to many he already hid uncontrollable anxieties that eventually led him to a suicide.

This fact implies that a sense to a suicide tendency can be happening to any normal person and until it is dealt appropriately, that person harbouring it may also be pressed, by that inner despondency, to eventually, too, kill himself.

Our lives in this world are full of pressures and are unique individually to every person, that when one’s emotion is not that strong, ugly inner voices could be dragging him to pitiful regressions. Next to suicidal tendency is a nervous breakdown. There how many mad persons you could find walking downtown without senses? Chances are these same individuals went through hard depressions that pushed them to the unexpected.

It is healthy, therefore, to belong to a circle of friends where you can open your pressures confidently. Right is the adage, “no man is an island.” When one shares his inner struggles, he actually releases them. Advices from his opposite may not that very good ones but the sharing are enough therapy to unload his emotions. Such act releases him.

The profession of mass media is also a nerve-wracking thing. In Barangay eMedia, its management is seeing to it that regularly, in a plotted schedule, personnel could unwind themselves together. It is a corporate practice of the station to build a good camaraderie and ease the pressures, as well, of every personnel.

“So that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven, for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matt. 5:45 ESV

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