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BRGY. Canelar is now worth a 2nd glimpse


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)


BY just looking at a woman with lust, he already commits adultery in the spirit. Thus, is the teaching of Jesus Christ that’s all purely in the spirit. By hating another without a cause, a murder is already imputed on him( in the sight of God). Email:



THE known basic moral values in the our families, as part of the Filipino culture, should be inculcated in the minds of our kids, while still in their grown-up period.

“Partner, we have to teach our small kids while still in such a stage, our moral values that we used to heed to our parents and grandparents during our days when strictness in the upbringing of their children was what was being instilled in us,” stressed by my good friend at SP who opted not be named anymore.

Deberas se, gone were the days when respect to elders was held in high esteem by our youth then.

“FIRST, home, 2nd, School, and then Church every Sunday. That was how disciplined and God-fearing we were then as strictly taught to us by our parents,” he added.

Deberas se partner. I agree 100%

Can these same moral values in our past be rekindled and practiced again by our modern youths?

THAT’s one big question mark, just very hard to answer, I tell you.

Pruba yalang kita..



BARANGAY Canelar under its 3rd and last term chieftain Godofredo Sabordo is doing great in its cleanliness campaign in these days. I frequently traverse its area, and true to my expectation, Brgy. Canelar is well arranged now, including its inner portion where its flea market is now a pleasing sight to behold.

ALBEIT its known intricacies since the early days when Canelar couldn’t seem to have a better showcase of its own signature as a barangay. Canelar is strategically sandwiched between Brgy. San Jose and Brgy. Sta. Maria, and even Brgy. Camino Nuevo. It simply appears at odds with the other adjoining barangays in many ways. BUT no longer, as Kap Sabordo proves to be a good planner in his own turf. Try to have a glimpse of Brgy. Canelar these days, and you can’t help but commend its village leaders.

“Deberas se Jun, alli you aura taman tiange cay barato y el cumida ila barato y limpyo pa,” one neighbor of mine conformed. 

“Areglao ya el Canelar porcausa cun Kap Sabardo,” a resident of the said place bared.

I agree.



THE POLICE here is dead-serious to clamp down on drag racers, now the subject of many complaints from residents in affected areas within the city proper.

LADY Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar urged the local police to put an end to all these reported drag racings in the city. She said no less than our own archbishop Romulo dela Cruz, when his Eminence was confined in Cuidad Medical on Nuñez Ext. the other day, brought to her attention about the nuisance that just reverberated the whole wee hours of the morning.

UPON her (verbal) directive during last Monday’s CH press briefing, city police public safety company under Supt. Ariel Huesca, apprehended 9 motorcycles and a luxury vehicle during the dawn period of Tuesday as they were nabbed while supposedly involved in drag racing. Huesca said their relentless anti-drag racing drive is now being mounted by a special police team formed to curb such an offensive public disturbance.

  “Asegun grande dao apuesta ta pone lli, ta alcansa dao asta P50,000 asta P70,000 el pot money,” c Bogs ya sabe.

“Taman apuesta tu Bogs,?” ya pregunta man c Ador.

“Igual se cun Chavit Singson, tan apuesta se, c Bogs,” otro ste c Nado sabiondo, ultimo-ora ay alcansa bos nuay na ora cun Bogs.

No lang!@  

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