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Peace, is it really illusive?


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Is peace indeed illusive? Ask the Peace Advocates of Zamboanga (PAZ) President, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, and he will definitely answer a big no! The Spanish-born missionary priest has already given most of his life to Zamboanga and Mindanao, for decades for the sake of peace and goodwill. 

Philippines must be grateful that despite of the countless of bloodshed that our country and Mindanao went through, there are still a remnant of exceptional individuals who believe that peace is achievable and is the only solution of the disunity of the Mindanaons. Barangay eMedia wishes to say thanks to the missionary priest Fr. Angel C. Calvo, and kudos to PAZ.

On Thursday, November 27, thousands of office people, students and etc. joined a march for the celebration of the week of peace in the City. Many of the marchers brought along placards expressing their hopes of tranquillity for our land. Obviously, media indeed noticed that the parade was attended mostly by young people.

Such a number or percentage, of a significant crowd, speaks or implies something. That means the younger generation determinedly wants to see now the long-deprived desires—which is the lasting peace in Mindanao, of their parents to become a reality in their generation.

Those who attended the said parade were a mixture of Muslims, Christians and also Lumads, representing well the real composition of peoples in our City. You could see them while they march smiling, others holding their hands as friend, and also a number doing a selfie and goupie picture-taking along the way. Teachers and other conductors of each group and participants in the march were a bit tolerant to the kind of new lifestyle that the young people evolved to already uniquely develop today.

On Thursdays and Fridays, the writer meets English classes to the senior students of Zion Evangelical School. Perhaps because of the students and the school’s rigid preparations, he wasn’t advised that there was no class the entire morning in the school. To his surprise, the senior student rooms were empty and relatively silent, until he was apologetically told by the principal about the peace parade.

Civil involvements mustn’t be denied to the young people much when such endeavour or activity may directly affect their lives or their own future. Probably, because of the advent of technology and the social media, the youths are not anymore naïve today to the sensitive discussions of the society. In fact, to some occasions they even could give more and better opinions for the solutions of the social impasse our government or the people themselves are facing right now.

You can ask them about the Ebola, ISIS, and the conflict in Palestine, many of them can still give good sensible answers. But besides the positive contribution of the said technology and social media, still, education inside the classroom—which is the tradition way, is yet the best way to impart instructions to our young.

Mayor Beng was also there. Barangay eMedia found an opportunity to interview the City Executive for her reaction of the recent development of the 70 MNLF regulars who were released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for the lack of evidence against them. Being the City Mayor, she expressed disgust because simply what at stake in the denial is the very justice of Zamboanga City.

The siege last year created a ripple of negative effects to Zamboanga that those perpetrators of the intrusion must be punished. There were 200 plus of arrested rebel regulars who are placed behind bars and whose cases are still in pendency. With the 70 who were recently released, that makes only more than a hundred of them left.

According to Atty. Cesar Jimenez that possibly, the kinds of evidences of what the participations of those released 70 regulars were not enough for the filing of their proper cases in court. Thus, DOJ was obliged to release them.

Giving those released regulars and the DOJ the benefit of the doubt, Zamboanga City must yet be vindicated from that unreasonable uprising last year which claimed hundreds of lives, destroyed millions of properties, burned hundreds of houses causing thousands of families to be displaced and, most of all, the psychological traumas it brought to the Zamboangueño people which they will bear forever.

“The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will extol Him. The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name.” Exo. 15:2-3

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