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Jesus reigns march


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia has already been a media partner to a number of citywide activities and events recently, conducted by government agencies and private sectors here in Zamboanga. Barangay eMedia’s management would want to thank the trust and the confidence of those groups and most of all the public to us.

We pledge to be always there for you—any situation or event to happen and transpire in our City, we shall bring you, if not the exclusive, its freshest and blow-by-blow reportage on radio, TV, print and online. It’s our humble privilege to serve Zamboanga, the world and the Zamboangueño people globally.

The EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS in our City is conducting today, and yesterday, a citywide campaign for the spiritual needs of Zamboanga. It is a program which the organizers dubbed as JESUS REIGNS. The said event desires to lift up the name of the Lord amidst all the crises which Zamboanga has gone through in all of these times.

This said 2-day activity is an event of faith declaration, praise and worship, prayer and intercession for the Zamboangueño people and our land. A group of more or less than 100 evangelical churches laid down individual doctrinal differences and did rather choose to stand in the common grounds of love, unity and prayer in these said two days.

JESUS REIGNS is sponsored by the Intercessors for Zamboanga (IFZ) and the Pastors Association of Zamboanga (PAZ). During the program of Kap Frederick Atilano, yesterday in Barangay eMedia, two of its organizers joined him live as his guests. Pstrs. Mimi Bayog and Beth Inclan explained the objective of the “JESUS REIGNS” 2-day spiritual revolution.

Pstr. Bayog related that our City needs another spark of spiritual awakening. She also believed that the miscarriage of the siege last year was an act of God, that if the almighty didn’t intervene, worse could have happened to result greater bloodshed and more lose of properties or even a total bankruptcy of the local economy.

Pstr. Bayog added that JESUS REIGNS is actually a simultaneous national event which is also now conducted in the different key cities, towns and provinces in the country with one united purpose—to lift-up the Philippines to the feet of the Lord in prayer.

Pstr. Inclan, on the other hand, reminded the Zamboangueño people to return back to God in repentance and be reconciled back to Him. She remarked further that natural calamities which are happening around the world today, to include the last year’s inundation of Tacloban City and the rest of the Visayas, are God’s apparent calling to repentance from our sins. Pstr. Inclan reminded that our adamant resistance to the grace of God will certainly invite unsuspecting destructions to our land.

Yesterday, a motorcade from Pasonanca to the Zamboanga City Coliseum was conducted by the hundreds of evangelical believers. It was done as the kick-off of this said two-day activities. The Saturday and Sunday are also plotted dates where intercessory prayers are done, in the different evangelical churches of Zamboanga, for our City, our local officials, the country, the peace process between the GRP-MILF and etc.

The culmination of the event is the 10-hour, from 1-10PM, non-stop praise and prayer today in Zamboanga City Coliseum. This gathering is expected to be attended by thousands, which is a consolidation of the more or less than 100 churches in the City.

 Again, FYI: broadcasts of Barangay eMedia are at the same time seen and heard to five different platforms which includes our online site which currently garners some 1.4 million viewers worldwide at the present.

The Zamboangueño people are now a global community where they can be found in any country of the world. For a dream, they left home and thrived to their new places where they are now. But yet, there are still some times and days where these same paezanos would just miss home.

Before in the past, they’d no choice but to know home only through personal letters from their loved-ones here. However, through the advent of technology everything is now possible. Thus, eMedia became their immediate link to actually or right away know the real scenarios back home just in a click of a button.

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chron. 7:14

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