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“The wind beneath our wings”


(BY: BOVIC L. LUCERO) We had just celebrated the culminating night of our year-long event, the Awarding Ceremony of the Ateneo Inter-Alumni Basketball Tournament at the High School covered courts in Tumaga with songs and laughter and stories of previous exploits during the games with some showing off the scars of sprained ankles, fingers and some scratches, all for the love of the game and honor to get the coveted championship trophy regardless of age, social, marital or financial status, so long as one can dribble, rebound, pass  and shoot that sought-after elusive ball!

Every once a year, the eagles, new and old, battle it out in the courts every Sunday, sacrificing family time at home, mostly some bringing their families to the gym instead to join in the fun. What a great way to give the body some needed exercise and respite from all the hustles and bustles of our daily lives.

Basketball for us, however, is more than just a game. We all know that in order for a team to win, there should always be the ingredient of Teamwork! All the individual skills and talents are synergized together to form one formidable group, whether in a sports team, family, organization or society at large, geared towards achieving the desired goals and purposes in life. Like how a machine works, that if one part fails to perform well, the other parts of the engine will overwork and sooner or later it will conk-out and malfunction and all the combined efforts will go to naught. We all want the best things in life and in order for us to get what we want and to where we want to go, we need to get our acts together and bring our society to new heights and all our efforts, small or large, are needed in order to achieve that objective.

The spirit of the Blue Eagle lives on despite the challenges we face. Let us all be models for others to emulate no matter how hard it may be. Make integrity, character, credibility, honesty and positive moral values be the winds beneath our wings to help us soar high!

To my teammates in Batch 1978, my congratulations for another championship. We have come a long way inspite of our ageless spirits. This season of Advent, let there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men! Merry Christmas to all!

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