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Good vibes today, Christmas in ZC


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Many good things are amazingly showing up today as the real Christmas Eve, here in Zamboanga, is approaching. This could be a good sign for this year’s yuletide, well unlike the 2013. Or perhaps, this is just a vindication to what our City was deprived of because of the infamous siege then last year.

Normalcy is confirmed to be back again in La Bella’s Christmas Season. The December 1, yesterday, is doubly important to the Zamboanga City LGU. Besides that, as traditionally, it is the official kick-off of the calendared schedule for the different itinerary of activities amongst the City offices and the number of strategic spots in downtown Zamboanga, it is also the first day of the week and the first day of the month! Thus, this contributed a worse mixed-up in a December 1 high Monday in the City Hall!

Would you want to know the details of the official schedule of the City Hall’s program for the entire month, just kindly tuned-in to Barangay eMedia, because it posts, now and then, the itinerary.

Last night, actually evening yet, the lighting of the Christmas lights in the City Hall was very successful. To many Zamboangueños, the said lighting was pretty symbolic for the City’s restored joyous celebration and its leadership helm in the peninsula, and the islands of the provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

Zamboanga City has been a beacon of commerce, industry, education, good governance, and etc. in the ZAmBaSulTa territories. There is a higher responsibility Zamboanga bears every day as an example in these neighbour provinces.

One outstanding example is the recent gradual restoration of the City, and even greater, from the ashes of turmoil, division and war of last year. Many sincere experts did remark so well that Zamboanga is such a bona fide resilient metropolis.

The siege became a baptism of fire to Zamboanga City. The disgrace that the enemy originally intended had rather brought a blessing in disguise for La Bella’s glory. It is without controversy and dispute, Zamboanga is now more glorious than ever before— economically, militarily, the public safety and the unity of the people.

The Zamboangueños’ cooperation and sacrifice is partly responsible to such grandeur. The City’s business would have to go through a transition, which they did not whine, only for the benefit and the common good of the general public. Undeniably, though, there indeed were a number of locals who rolled their mats and transferred to Davao, Cebu and Dumaguete, but not everyone. Those who stayed became a catalyst for the recent stability.

KCC is about to open soon and also the renowned Robinson’s Mall, and to include the ZamPen Medical Center and the Integrated Bus Terminal in Divisoria as few of the many infra structures that are now the new high-rises adding the already colourful landscape of Zamboanga City.

Barangay eMedia came into the picture, to the said rapid change of the City, also timely, only a day before the Zamboanga’s siege. It’s now over a year since, Barangay eMedia gets to be a voice for an edged leadership to the new paradigm in mass communication. It brings the news, ads and commercials, and its diverse programs to five different platforms at the same time.

These platforms are the FM radio band, three television channels and online, well also to include the print in the page of Zamboanga Today. Many stakeholders are discovering this very fact and hence, they connect to Barangay eMedia for their advocacies and information dissemination.

One of which, very recent, was the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Christmas Bazaar, which was held on December 30, 2014 at the Paseo del Mar. In return the DSWD also acknowledged Barangay eMedia’s priceless efforts in a plaque. The citation is very indelible to the hearts of the men and women of Barangay eMedia.

Hard-work and diligence is always the key to progress and breakthrough. The tireless dedications of our City mayor, Mayor Beng, and our two Representatives, Cong. Celso and Cong. Lilia, also speak brilliantly for their great contributions for the City’s stability.

Their united stand for the BBL is exceptional. Their single voice knit as well the many voices of the Zamboangueño people creating a concert of unity in diversity.

“But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the Word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks intently at his natural face in a mirror.” Jas. 1:22-23

Partners! For more news and their details please check us out in e105.9 FM band or watch us in channels 37 local, 54 in Sky Cable and 98 in Mindanao Cable. You as well can access our tele-broadcast online via ustream through the link We go on-air beginning 3 AM to 10 PM. You also can text through these numbers 0906-286-1074 and 0999-626-8244, for your comments and suggestions.

Barangay eMedia is located in RBB Bldg., Villa Sta. Theresa Village, MCLL Highway, Divisoria, Zamboanga City. We are serving local, broadcasting global. “Hende lang este radio, TV este! eMedia Mo!” Follow us back again tomorrow in this column page.

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