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(Except for Biel): WHERE are the councilors on Recognition Day?


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of enlightenment)


ONLY GOD can pass judgment upon us all (human beings).

DON’T judge others, so you won’t be judged, as well.

THE bible Says: “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.” (Matthew 7: 1-2).



RETIRED city sports development director “Dit” Patiño, what I just learned, is facing a great dilemma these days.

“Dit” (as he is simply addressed) has yet to be cleared by COA before he could claim his all retirement benefits.

A TOP source told me just this week, that the poor fellow is having really a hard time to clear himself with COA, and up to now, he’s yet eagerly and anxiously awaiting, sans knowing exactly when he’ll finally enjoy the fruits of his labor that he harbored so much for so long, since he started, most likely, from the bottom when first employed with the city gov’t back in the 70’s.

“DIT” retired early this year— in the aftermath of the “Zamboanga Siege,” Sept. of last year.

AND, we know how gravely the city was plagued by all sorts of social ills stemmed from the Sept. 9 malady that lasted almost a month, traumatizing us all during the bloody standoff.

BEING the city sports development chief, he took charge in the splendid upkeep of the city’s majestic (Mayor Joaquin F. Enriquez) memorial sports complex where his office was billeted, until utterly devastated and left terribly in ruin when it was made to house the huge number of evacuees that sought their temporary refuge in the different evac. Centers, with the sports complex as its main.

RECALL, the multitudes fled their strife-torn communities that came under heavy attack from the invading heavily-armed MNLF-Misuari forces— numbering about 400 to 500.

NOW, Mr. Patiño was constrained to first secure clearance from COA before he could claim his retirement benefits.

THERE were not only heavy damages inside the sports ground, but there were supposed massive lootings, as well— resulting to the reported huge losses of city’ gov’t properties, worth in large amounts. 

BECAUSE of the ‘massive’ losses as a result of the “Zamboanga Siege,” Patiño appears in big trouble, now.

THIS is totally not fair to the fellow—one of our very own, being a true-blooded Zamboangueño.

“Pero’ akellos de pa’hguate lang na trabaho, pronto lang man ricivi? Akellos taman bulakbul, pronto lang man ricbi?,” c Bogs ta estraña.

“Igual kel un alto official, maski de sangranadas lang, ya ricvi man su milliones?” c Ador ta estraña tamen.

“Mio idol limpio kel, cay rico ya da-an,”c Nado de monte, ya sinti man.



EXCEPT for Dist. 1 Councilor Noning Biel, no councilors attended the “Recognition Day” last Monday morning held at the city hall ground—in honor of the cop (PO2 Franklin Ined) and k-9 “Diego”. They were both hurt in the Nov. 8 twin blasts that rocked the downtown section of ours that evening.

WITH the exception of CH top officials led by lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and its staff and personnel, even a shadow of the adamant local legislators weren’t spotted during that momentous event that the city bestowed the rare distinction to the two honored heroes that swiftly responded to the reported presence of an improvised explosive device( home-made bomb)—and were injured in the process.

“KE clase de manga oficiales sos? Bueno lang sos ladra durante el session, cay taman atubang gayot sila na TV camera,” c Bogs ta kritika ya tamen cunestos.

“Apuesta pa, hinde’ gayot sos, atende flag ceremony llega lunes, maskin cuando,” taman apuesta man c Ador.

“Puera c Consehal Biel, mio idol se,” c Nado idol ya tamen dao suyu c Consehal Biel.

Taman epal se cun Consehal Biel.”

 Ese pa, ya suspecha pa c Bogs, un seloso gayot. Amboot!@

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