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Organic farming can be the answer


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) A father, a couple of months ago, passed away in a liver cancer. His neighbours were baffled for the man was not an alcoholic. In fact, he never had any vice but did live a clean living, yet why the liver cancer, to the enigma of everyone.

A most probable answer is the kind of food that our generation are eating today—many are unhealthy, processed and are bombardment with chemicals. Maybe, same chemicals could be the very reason which caused the man’s untimely death.

Simple as the modern day rice, from the nursery to the harvest stage, each is treated heavily with chemicals. We thought that the 21st century sophistications have already advanced mankind and eradicated diseases, but the answer do always astound us.

To some degree, admittedly the modern day innovations elated mankind to a level but yet, it also has claimed tolls heavily to our health and life’s expectancy. These scientific breakthroughs somehow, partly, shortened man’s life-span of this generation.

However, the situation is not after all a total deadlock. A new revolution, which started trivially but is now heard by millions, the louder, each day and it is also even being practiced by many advanced countries like Japan and the United States, again just very recently. These rich countries realized that their technology or wealth did not totally help them everything, particularly in health. Instead to add their years, it rather dragged them shorter each generation.

Thus, they realized the importance of the traditional method—organic farming, to grow crops and plants as one of the answers. The life span of the earlier generation did reach to an average of 80 years, while now young people succumbed to unnecessary ailments like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and etc. which usually are leading them averagely not to reach beyond 50 years old. Something indeed is wrong.

In particular program slots of Barangay eMedia, Councillor Mike Alavar explained such dilemma and their solution very well. By the way, the good local legislator is responsible for enacting the new ordinance on organic farming. He’s very active in going to the different outskirts of the City to reach out our farmers and encourage them to adopt back the traditional method of farming.

The farming potentials in Zamboanga are huge. Just say for example, the growing of cassava. This root crop is one of the main ingredients in producing animal feeds. Lately, a big private company engaged such a deal with our local farmers to grow cassava in the West Coast, and this same company buy the farmers’ harvests in better prices.

What is nice, these West Coast farmers are starting to adopt organic farming through the free consultancy and support of the good City councillor. Obviously, local farmers are as well realizing this method as advantageous for them—lesser expenses, safer products, good market and higher profitability.

Quite the irony because organic products are sold today higher in prices than those which are gown with chemicals, perhaps, you too noticed them in supermarkets. Owners do really place emphasis in their price tags, ORGANIC in bold letters, thus, giving those same items better edge for a bit higher price than the rest.

Yesterday in the Barangay eMedia’s program “Motherly Yours, Lilia”, Cong. Lilia also pounded on organic farming. She disclosed that it is one of her priority advocacies in her district. She encouraged her constituents to adopt the natural way of farming.

The lady solon explained it this way as an example. Growing, for instance, poultry in a shorter time than the normal can actually create a significant imbalance in the ecology. Chickens which are grown naturally eat worms and other bugs. These insects if left uncontrolled can cause other harms in the cycle. The problem could start when native chickens are replaced with the induced ones.

But it ain’t yet late. Our generation can still buy back to what we lost in the name of industrialization. Damages along the way are still repairable. With regards also to demeanour, the law of nature has not changed, HEALTH IS (still) WEALTH.

Barangay eMedia’s President Rey Bayona Bayoging as well featured in a significant number of episodes to his weekly program, e-Agri Mo Bay”, the organic farming community in Zamboanga City.

“You shall not oppress your neighbour or rob him. The wages of a hired worker shall not remain with you all night until the morning. You shall not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.” Lev. 19:13-14

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