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(Sharing time): Nay spirit, we’re dead in the sight of GOD


(Words of Enlightenment):

“WHAT does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” saith the bible.

OUR soul is so special in the sight of GOD. BUT, if our soul doesn’t have the spirit, then it’s worthless in the sight of GOD. That means hell is its sure destination.

 HAVING just a body and a soul isn’t yet saved in the sight of GOD.

 IT needs to have the Spirit of GOD, so it can enter his kingdom and his glory.

THE body will tell us that one day it’ll return to the ground where it came from. The soul will give us the mere understanding as who we are.

 BUT the spirit will tell us who our Creator is.



ONE man wanted to follow Jesus in his time, yet he told Jesus he would first bury his dead father.

JESUS answered: “Let the dead bury the dead.”

JESUS, when he conveyed this message to him, meant that even those who are physically alive, are dead, as well, in the sight of GOD— just like those who are to be buried in their graves.

BECAUSE  there’s one major component missing in them—the spirit of God.

 SO, even if alive physically, yet in the eyes of GOD, they’re all like walking tombs in GOD’s presence.



HAVING a bible in our possession, is a good sign as believer of GOD.

MEMORIZING word for word what’s written in the Scripture is just but excellent to do for the sake of our soul.

BUT, what really matters to GOD is for all (mankind) to follow and obey his perfect will.

OBEDIENCE to GOD’s will is the only basis to attain our Eternal Salvation, in the end.

TODAY is Sunday, and this is sharing time, my brothers and sisters. May God bless us all!@

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