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2014 AtFest, successful


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Barangay eMedia was the official media partner, which covered the weeklong annual event—AtFest, of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University homecoming this year 2014. The said event was successful, it culminated yesterday, and was very colourful. Many eagles, as they say, have landed back, again, to their well-loved nest.

Certain honourees were given recognitions due to their exploits and successes now in their chosen careers. One of whom is the golden voice, in already two national radio/TV networks based in Metro Manila, in primetimes, the Weng dela Peña. Weng is indeed an AdZU and a Zamboanga pride.

Many years ago, Barangay eMedia’s president Rey Bayona Bayoging (RBB), while he served yet to his previous network, saw the potentials of the young Weng. When their said network was to open a branch in Metro Manila, particularly in Makati City, RBB brought him along as the ace to break the rich grounds of the National Capital.

It only took few months and the new personality, which later broke through the national air, established the name Kasamang Weng dela Peña. He later became a very well respected radio host and did affect to a number of national figures including the former President, GMA, and later the present PNoy.

Weng was also responsible in opening many sensitive discussions and provocative opinions in the national scenes. One of which was the Zamboanga siege last year. He interviewed high profile personalities which led to some indirect resolutions of the said impasse. He was able to do those because of his personal touch to the situation—Weng is a Zamboangueño and two of the hostages in Sta. Catalina were his uncle and aunt.

He also popularized the song Levanta, which according to many did arouse the spirit of stupor to thousands of Zamboangueños around the world. Believably, same challenge did also press them to show or manifest their love, loyalty, concern and help to their very own La Bella. His former network thought that it was safe to probably conclude that many of those private charities, in kinds and in cash, flooded to our war-stricken City because of that song.

It is how an institution moulds and shapes an unsuspecting student to be become great in the future. AdZU has equipped thousands of graduates, who many of them are now successful professionals, public officers, career persons, politicians, and etc.

Countless of parents send their children to AdZU because of these two particular factors—academic excellence and values. Busy parents want to secure the education and the future of their children, thus, they trust their kids to AdZU. After same children passed the portals of AdZU, parents are very proud for their successes and their quality lives, which they owed from AdZU.

Many parents also from the South and in the Peninsula pick AdZU as their number one priority for their children’s tertiary education here in Zamboanga. One Tausug dad, from Bongao, said that he and his wife are willing to spend just to be able to secure the best quality of education for their son.

Beside to that said quality of education, he remarked further that when his son will later apply for work, he will definitely find it easy to land to a better job. To the many EAGLES, who are now in different key positions, they indeed could say: once you graduate from AdZU, it is an edge to be hired soon.

AdZU is also known to produce many good scholars who once were deprived to a fine education because of poverty. Thus, AdZU gave them the chance through scholarship grants. After four years they graduate as cum laudes.

One of them is now an education graduating student from the small town of Lapuyan, Zambonga del Sur. Her name is Genifer Buckly. Her father is only a farmer and her mother a simple housekeeper. She graduated as the Valedictorian in their town’s National High School. Make long story short, AdZU gave her a full scholarship. Now the young lady is spending her last semester in the university, many hope that she, too, will graduate on April with a laude award.

“When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the poor and for the foreigner residing among you. I am the LORD your God” Lev. 23:22 NIV

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