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GAS scam’s 2nd hearing scheduled on Dec. 15


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightnement)


WISDOM is needed in our daily lives, so we can become wiser and much wiser in life.

THE Bible even says: “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. (James 1:15). Email:



OWWA Regional Dir. Hassan “Sani” Jumdain’s urgent advice to relatives of OFWs living under his AOR here in Reg.-9 and its vicinity, is to heed strictly and diligently OWWA’s good offers that they can avail right in their completely computerized office, located along the Canelar Rd. ZC.

HE cited the importance of knowing those countries having a bilateral agreement( on labor) with our Philippine Gov’t, purely to help protect our OFWs, in the wake of the supposed rampant abusive complaints reported in the past, and even up to the present.

JUMDAIN enumerated at-least 4 major requisites: 1.) Recruitment agency is licensed, 2.) Job is well- assured/secured with website posted by POEA, 3.) Contract signed with recruitment agency guaranteeing a salary cap within POEA standard, and 4.) Trust no one— including relatives to avoid being duped by illegal recruiters.

JUMDAIN said 95% of OFW woes stem from those employed as domestic workers while only 9% are complaints griped by OFWs with job placements categorized as general workers.

JUMDAIN invites OFWs’ kin to get acclimatized with his office and be more computer literates, as he has his special staff to gladly attend, and even train them (on the spot) in the use of their high-tech equipment installed in their OWWA office.

JUMDAIN wants to emphasize that their main role is to really exert their utmost on the facilitation aspect. “If they have all their complete data, as to the exact where- about of their relatives working abroad( OFWs), then we can easily help them locate those OFWs employed in those countries. But if lack in data when they submit them to us, then it’ll be just tough for us to really help them facilitate their requests. But, we don’t give up helping them. Hangang makakaya kami, tutulangan sila kami,”Jumdain pointed out.


ONE thing I keenly noticed when I dropped by their OWWA office last weekend, is its conspicuously-posted, “Information Technology Skills Training pre-departure orientation seminar(Language & culture familiarization training)” by its nearby doorstep.

SO, there you are, it takes 2 to tango, really. More Power to OWWA boss “Sani” Jumdain!



DOLE observed its 81st founding anniversary last Dec. 5, and a press-con( held at RTWPB-9 conference room, Veterans Ave., ZC) ushered its two-day activities.

WITH its theme, “Higit pa sa Tagumpay at Reporma, ang DOLE mas Makabuluhan, mas Nadarama,” DOLE announced its job fair/s to employ in job vacancies known to its agency.

TWO of the areas cited in ZC are job placements for soon-to-open KCC mall and needed employees for BIR as also mentioned by DOLE.

The “Zamboanga Siege” had great impact, indeed, to labor woes in ZC, according to DOLE-hence it contributed to economic meltdown here that triggered a negative chain reaction in many ways to the community.

COMPLIANCE in labor laws, though, is very low, as only 34% amongst employers are known as complying with our labor laws. The rest( 67%) are bunch of craps.

 NOW at age 81, DOLE remains beset with labor problems, as vouched by NLRC rep. Drigo Balbon during the press conference.

“I agree with you, Jun 101%, about rampant complaints that we are even receiving in our office. Many of these employers are not following the minimum wage law,” Drigo expressed his disgust.

Balbon even appeared disgusted with our minimum wage law, and suggested that it be scrapped.

“In other countries, they don’t have this minimum wage law. They fairly give salaries to their employees. If they are skillful, talented, then they deserve better salaries than those who’re doing below par,” Balban informed.

BUT, the Regional Tripartite Wages Productivity Board(RTWP) Sec. Joel Ijirani begged to disagree— stressing the wage minimum law is necessary that bodes well for the general welfare of all our laborers and employees.



DIST. 1 Councilor Gerky Valesco’s emphatic statement that he’d rather consider all options before finally deciding as what’s best for him after serving his utmost for all  his constituents in ZC for three straight terms. Gerky is considered a real threat to anyone seeking the vice mayoralty seat in 2016.

“Jun, I’m considering many options, and one of which is to either return to my first-love which is media or to serve (the public) in whatever capacity offered me. I’m not out there to seek that vice-mayoralty bid ( in next local polls),” Valesco clarified.

BUT, a host of political buffs are egging on Gerky to vie for the city’s second highest office, as it’s said embroiled in controversial issues— like the gas scam, the supposed misuse of the SP’s “For Official Use” vehicles, supposed ‘tardiness’ in its performance, etc.


THE long-awaited 2nd public hearing of the celebrated “Gas Scam” will come on Dec. 15(Monday) as calendared by the council. It is set to start at 9am, and the parties invited( earlier) are expected to appear.
No less than former VM Mannix Dalipe is raring to appear, according t a top SP source.
AND, even VM Cesar Itturalde was quoted as lamenting why he wasn’t invited to its first public hearing by the committee on Good Gov’t chaired by Dist. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain.
EVEN the owner or its rightful representative of the Shell gas station in Canelar, is said just eager to also appear during its 2nd public hearing.
“Alli mira kita c quien ta abla el verdad y c quien el mga pampa’ron,” c Bogs ya combersa.
“Baca tiene lli coverup?” c Ador ta duda man?
“Alli mi idol ay obra,” na c Nado yan cuchara mal labao ya tamen!@ 

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