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Media folks know also to pray


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Who says media folks don’t know how to pray? Often, even, same professionals pray more or deeper than the average pious faithful because of their usual high risks or hazardous assignments. Once, Barangay eMedia reporters Ely Dumaboc and Joseph Zosobrado would have to drive by land from Zamboanga to Cotobato City, the duo needed to ask to God’s guidance and protection.

It ain’t about being religious but rather our admission for our obvious limitations and vulnerability which manifest our need for the Divine to guide or lead us, and protect us. Nobody is a Superman! Each of us is a human flesh susceptible to a lot of things, even soldiers before they engage to any battle, a priest, imam or a pastor would really lead, at least, in a simple prayer for protection.

On the City’s celebration of the Zamboanga Hermosa, I still can vividly recall, all of the men and women of Barangay eMedia were mobilized to cover the religious procession towards the Fort. We do know how Zamboanga was still under threat then from the terrorists, so before leaving the station’s vicinity everyone gathered around in a circle to invoke God’s guidance and protection, not just for the reporters but also for the entire people of Zamboanga City.

The super typhoon today brought a freezing fear for many Visayas peoples as they could remember the devastations of the most of the Leyte and Samar Islands and part of the province of Cebu. Have you seen them on national TV, people in panic rolled their stuffs to run away and hide from the coming super typhoon?

Media men sent by the different networks didn’t really go to the place only ordinarily without lighting a candle or kneel in an altar, or did ask their pastors to lay hands on them for a prayer. Because who could tell any unsuspecting situation ahead, that the only defence any mortal could do is to connect to the almighty for protection and guidance.

Even the mighty bow their knees in submission to the Creator. Religion or group affiliation is an advantage for our needed background to the knowledge of the divine. But it never must be used to take advantage, hurt or discriminate others. As it also cannot bar to unity.

Remember, we all come from one parents! We may have different skin colours, backgrounds or status but we all are human beings, living in one planet and have common obligations to be civil and give everyone their due.

Did you hear about the prayer shield which was brought back by some curious national reporters on TV networks? Accordingly, certain cities in the province of Cebu were spared because strong prayer cells were activated before the actual landfall of the super typhoon Yolanda last year?

The presumption was that the united prayers of a pocket of people spared their cities and towns. Now, Tacloban, Ormoc and the rest, which according to the PAG-ASA will be passed back by the present super typhoon, also emulated the same prayer cells.

Ain’t that a wonder the strength of the typhoon or its fury is not that worse as the previous of last year? Prayer could be the best or the only hiding place the WARAYS and CEBUANOS could rely on this time. Not just them, but that includes us.

“And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation.” Luke 11:4

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