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Minors as local drug mules


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) This will definitely shock any parent, Zamboanga City’s drug dealers have never been clever than now, as both the police and the PDEA geared-up more to bust them. These same shadow businessmen—drug dealers, are recently using minors as their couriers in numerous drug deals, because they know the immunity of minors from criminal liabilities.

Thus, the proliferation of their wrong trades still thrives despite the odds from the authorities. They seem to be very slippery that for awhile such strategy prospered. But poor young kids, their lives started to already dwindle, and dwindle very fast into an oblivion securing a darker future. Something must be done.

But such use of minors as drug mules came to the knowledge of the intelligent community eventually. One, a 16-year old boy, was under surveillance for awhile. Unknown to him, or to his boss, that he has been tailed for sometimes already by the police, that in an appropriate moment he would be apprehended.

Last week, the same boy just had arrived from Recodo, as obviously, bringing in his possession illegal drugs in the vicinity of Guiwan. Soon as he disembarked from a public utility he was nabbed and in him was found volume of crystalline substance, called shabu. Poor boy, after seeing the authorities, he was so scared to death that he almost could pee in his underwear.

The kind of modus which drug dealers are employing is to choose innocent looking minors who could be unsuspecting to the authorities. They will be given big bucks for the buy of the drugs then they will simply commute to a public utility vehicle, as to avoid attentions, towards the direction of Barangay Recodo.

They would buy the illegal drugs from the “lord of the rings” in the infamous dens of Recodo, and ASAP they leave the place. Act still as to be a regular kid and return to downtown. Take another one last ride before reaching to his original retail boss, who also resides to a certain barangay in the City.

The stocks will be sold and after the last item is disposed, the same process would take place again and again until it could be busted. Accordingly, poor young drug mules would be given only P500.00 per travel or transaction as his cut. Because innocent yet to the real world, to him such little amount is already much to supply the needs of his young growing life.

Poverty and materialism is seen by the experts as ones of the reasons, again, why these young kids do fall to such predation and without fear to sure consequences.

Few of these young mules risked such illegal job just to be able to help their families in their abject poverty, while others by meeting the needs of their lust to material things which their parents probably could not buy or supply them. To them, to be employed by these retail drug dealers as couriers, gave them the status as somebody.

Values must be taught to these young people, otherwise if the government would just, again, only shrugs its shoulder, to such manifesting cancer in the society amongst our youths, their number may multiply until it cannot already be dealt.

Let’s never forget, the youths still remain as our country’s hope of the future. Destroying them is securing a damned tomorrow. Hence, it must be given full attentions by the appropriate authorities. Barangay eMedia, with the writer, is even willing to give a time to help such young people would she be asked for assistance.

The recent apprehension of that young man in Guiwan indeed raised concerns, not just to the police force but also in the media circle to the deprivation that the drug menace it brought to our City. Again, Baranggay eMedia would have to say, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE before it becomes too late.

“And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.” Eph. 6:4 NKJV

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