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“Heads will roll” if Senate probes


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) Words of Enlightenment)

YOU can judge one’s spirit by way of how man spreads his gospel— if truly from the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

IF any of his teaching is contrary to the words of God as written in the Scripture, that spirit in him is that of the anti-Christ.

IF that teacher in the spirit, espouses wealth per-se, hence more solely attached to money, that spirit inside him is of the anti-Christ, cos’ money is the root cause of the evil things known on Earth.

THE Bible says: “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. ( 1 Timothy 6:10) Email:



CANELAR Brgy. Captain Godofredo Sabordo on Monday(Dec. 8) has all the good reasons to possibly throw his hat into the political arena, come 2016 local polls.

THERE’s not a single negative issue we heard from his side, therefore fit to be highly considered for a draft by any political camp in here— to boost their winning chances, all the more in the polls.

KAP himself has emphasized, “If there’s this golden opportunity to run for the council, why not?”

BUT, the need for a party to back him up is but imperative. A candidate, new at that, can’t simply declare his bid for an elective seat in any future political exercise, if without a major party to make him win.

 And so, Kap Sabordo is, of-course, saying that he’ll only run in next political undertaking, if there’s party desirous to include him in their lineup.

IF to run as an Independent, nomas yalang, Kap Sabordo appeared to point out, when interviewed.

 KAP Sabordo can count on the solid votes of the Bisaya’ population in ZC, and their number is just incredible. Try to penetrate every nook and cranny in here, a huge number of our local folks speak in Bisaya.’

HOW about his barangay Canelar? How is it faring?

IN so far as Peace & Order is concerned, Brgy. Canelar hasn’t had any major untoward incidents— like bombing or any related heinous cases, since the bomb attack in one of its inns, some years back.

BRGY. Canelar even went on to romp 2nd place as most pet friendly barangay sometime last October, adjudged by the city through its City Veterinarian Office under Dr. Mario Arriola.

SO, kudos to Kap Sabordo!



TFZ Commander Army Col. Andrelino Colina appeared not really that bothered when his name somewhat surfaced in the light of the rice smuggling brouhaha last week.

NO less Dist. 2 Councilor Kim Elago unleashed his two-fisted attack on those supposedly linked to the latest sham, and that’s this supposed rampant rice smuggling issue in which the local media isn’t spared, as well.

NOW, the media here dares Councilor Kim Elago II to name names among the media practitioners, as accordingly very much in touch with the rice smuggling ‘underworlds,’ and that huge ‘grease’ money exchanged hands at the expense of the media institution in ZC.

COL. Colina, for his part, when facing the media during City Hall’s weekly press briefing on Monday(Dec. 8), bared that his order to crack down on the vicious rice smuggling in this part of Mindanao, emanates from higher-ups in Metro Manila where the seat of the national governance is centered, and he’s simply following orders sans going beyond his power to do so.

COL. Colina confirmed that his job here is to help cleanse his AOR of the various criminal activities— including the supposed massive rice smuggling that reportedly occurs here via the southern backdoor.

IF allowed politics to taint its no-nonsense campaign vs. the intense rice smuggling in ZC, then never can we ever move forward towards eradicating such an illicit trade/s or transaction/s in our city. Never!



LADY Mayor Beng Climaco- Salazar, during last Monday’s weekly CH press briefing, virtually washed her hands, in so far as why members of the August Body in the city council, don’t observe its every Monday morning’s flag ceremony.

MAYOR Beng said it doesn’t say so, as compulsory under our present system in governance, for both, the executive and the legislative, are co-independent to each other, hence can’t usurp its own corresponding distinct powers.

SHORT of venturing to speak up  straightforward, Mayor Beng looked like she couldn’t compel those in the council to attend the flag ceremony every Monday morning in the Sanggunian Panlungsod located on RT Lim Blvd.

WHEN asked if the council’s said flop will affect her administration, Mayor Beng merely flashed her cute smile, that’s all. Nuay claro.



NOW, this unanswered, “Who’s the one in media?” issue, is making every media practitioner here just tetchy, and their bellies full of butterflies, until unveiled his/her identity, so as to put to rest this one titillating issue.

THE loud whispers among the media practitioners, though, point to one name, sounding pretty much familiar in the media circle here.

BUT, they can’t name him/her in public that crudely, until or unless 100% sure he/she is the one.

Hinde’ se basta, basta lang nombra, sin evidencia, dyot.

Don’t’ take everything they say hook, line & sinker, cos’ it isn’t fair at all.

WITH all fairness to the alluded, we can’t just chant their name/s in vain. Duele tamen. C hinde’ gale’ deberasan, aber?

No man broma dyot. Hinde’ se alang, alang clase de expose c nuay man tamen verdad. Just a stern reminder.@

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