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Drug dealers, beware! Jerry’s serious


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Mayor Beng and the entire Zamboanga are very much aware on the seriousness of the problem of the illegal trade of drugs in the City, that unless it can be confronted soon, it can definitely lead to an irreversible damage to the populace, especially the youths, which, even, rehabilitation can be impossible already.

Thus, the time to do it shall be now, Zamboanga needs leaders or a leader who can have the will to collide to the seemed growing impregnable walls of the illegal drug business in the City, and whose drug lords might have the more money than the local government or the higher powered guns than the police.

Another shocking truth which is also recently discovered that these same drug lords do have public officers as their protectors who, accordingly, all the time beep them when any planned big busts are schemed by the authority. Other than such a subtle penetration in the bureaucrat, when cornered, they also are willing to pay good lawyers to defend them. Money to these individuals is nothing.

But despite, these people can have yet their match. The coming of Hon. Jerry Perez to the City Council is timely. Even the City Executive, Mayor Beng, acknowledges that too. Hon. Perez’s colleagues in the Council are also warmed up as his leadership recently performed incredible countless of busts to alleged drug-dens and brought suspected drug dealers to prison.

Yesterday, in the program Emedia Mo which is hosted by partners GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging, Hon. Perez was Barangay eMedia’s guest. He’s a cool-looking new breed of politician but in each of his statements, it contains much weight or flesh that if you belong to the good guys you could cheer but, alas, if you on the other hand as the bad guys, I guess, you must start to hide already.

Hon. Jerry Perez on the said interview, at point-blank, cautioned the City drug lords and drug pushers to stop it or else already leave the City. Such line is an implied warning. It ain’t only a threat, well obviously, but the young legislator meant every word he said.

Many observing locals often remark, anytime Hon. Perez’s name is spoken, that he has the political semblance to the Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte. Mayor Duterte cleansed his City from the drug menace in an unbelievable short time.

It is a factual truth that Davao City is, if not in a zero per cent, is the least amongst the country’s cities to have drugs. This truth is not an exaggeration, the entire Republic knows it.

This is how righteous Zamboangueños cheer the recent czar in the City who vows to cleanse Zamboanga from any trace of the trade of the illegal drugs—from the big fishes to the streets and lairs where the crystalline substance, called shabu, are sold as like ordinary candies to pitiful patrons.

Jerry comes from the line of the notable Perez family who fought rebels, bandits, armed groups and other criminal elements in the past which brought more peace and civility in Zamboanga. To many Zamboangueños, the Perezes do really have the genetic traits of saving La Bella from any threat or peril. They seem to always bear the sword to punish or bring offenders to the folds of justice.

Their styles though were sometimes branded as vigilante by some factions, but in fairness their passions are indeed for the general welfare of Zamboanga. But Jerry seems to be more honourable in his endeavours than his predecessors. He has the strong fists but at the same, he also sees to it that every time he moves they are always in the bounds of law.

The young legislator is born to a later generation which have learnt or, better described as, have already adjusted to the appropriate approaches and strategy to execute justice against the evil, criminalities and, this now, on the drug influx in Zamboanga City.

Barangay eMedia wishes you the best Hon. Jerry Perez sir! Let’s help uplift the life of every Zamboangueño and permeate the clean-living lifestyle to our one and only Zamboanga City. The fight must continue, and the fight must not be procrastinated as to be assigned to a following day, but today for the morrow might be too late.

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.” Rom. 13:1-2

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