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ARREST warrant out soon vs. Kap Arquiza?


(BY. JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

MAN has only to ripen its age at 70 years old. MORE than 70 years in age, means a bonus in his blissful life.

IT’S said (in the Scripture) about our life- span here on the earth, after which death knocks our doors to remind us that our body has to return to the dust where it came from.

SAITH THE Bible: “Seventy years are given to us! Some even live to eighty. But even the best years are filled with pain and trouble. Soon they disappear and we fly away.” (Psalm 90: 10). Email:


THIS is just disgusting.

 LEARNED the other day that a councilor is supposedly violating ZAMCELCO’s strict policy not to install itsmeter unit inside his residential house, how I wish the source could pinpoint the councilor concerned.Cay nuay man gayotsilanombracanaton c quienba gat se consehal.

A TEAM from Zamcelco was ordered by its GM George Ledesma to have it transferred and properly installed outside the house (as required), but I lose track of any latest update.

Inquisitively, the public would like know his identity, just to be fair to the many ordinary member-consumers of our power coop here, always suffering the brunt whenever violations are slapped on them.

PUBLIC-servant leaders ought to be role models in our community, and if we find out they aren’t, it sickens us that bad!

Akel gale’ sila pa ta viola.Quienba gat se, GM?Multacunese?


DR. ELMEIRApolinario, the city’s Disaster Risk Reduction officer, this week expressed optimism that the complete transfer of all the evacuees in last year’s notorious “Zamboanga Siege,” to their permanent resettlement sites, will most likely take place by April next year.

WHEN asked how sure we are it could happen sans any loopholes, Dr. Elmeir A. sounded with all certainty it would happen nay any hitches at all.

LET’s hope and pray it can be done exactly as pronounced by the good Dr.Apolinario.

ABOUT 4,000 to even more than such a figure, are still languishing in their temporary shelters— waiting with all anxiety and intensity the right time, as planned, for their transfer to their supposed permanent homes, after their respective dwellings were either totally or partially ruined.

THE problem is, some if not even a host  of these Internally-Displaced Persons(IDPs) are known defiant for such a transfer, not really to their own liking.

Alliya el problema!



THE open-ended case of Talon-Talon Brgy. Captain TeodyverArquiza is now reaching its crucial stretch, as far as charges of alleged malversation and something like abuse of power, filed separately by his own constituents and at-least 2 of his own kagawads, are bruited about.

A TOP& highly credible source revealed that young Teodyver— only in his first term in office as its village chieftain, will likely face a much serious penalty when criminal raps will hound him next, aside fromthe administrative rap he’s facing, as well.

TEODYVER, once an OJT ( in mas-com) of state-owned DXMR Radyong Bayan, during such time I was yet very much part of it, prior to my retirement last year, will brace himself for the supposed warrant of arrest to surface, once the city prosecutor’s office here will go over and evaluate the criminal case lodged against him. And, if found it warrants for the said filing in court, then as a procedure, Teodyverwill be issued such a warrant( of arrest).

BUT, Teodyver, has nothing to worry that much, for his legal counsel, will simply advise him to put up the required bail for his temporary liberty while the case remains pending in court.

Teodyver looks like a born-winner, as he managed to dodge the 2-month preventive suspension, recommended by the council’s committee on Good Gov’t chaired by Dist. 1 lawyer-Councilor Mel Sadain the other day when his case was referred to the city legislative body.

WITH Teodyver’s apparent clout as the barangay captain of the city’s biggest voting population, it appears his nemesis( accusers) is having a rough-sailing in their bid to prosecute him as a result of the supposed serious accusations hurled against him for such grave charges.

Quieredecir, hinde’ basta, bastasilacunestejovenBrgy. Captain de Talon-Talon.

Guapoya, ma utak pa!@

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